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The world of cryptocurrencies is getting more and more popular and is slowly entering our everyday lives as “the working alternative to traditional finance”. This brings up the modern society’s demand for a greater purchasing flexibility and ability to purchase your favorite services and products with crypto.

Ifancy ecosystem strives to respond to this demand by bringing some of the best brands into a single ecosystem. The ifancythat family brings its users exposure to hundreds of brands and products from all over the world. For instance, users can quickly hire a car, book a hotel, purchase flight tickets, buy watches, or phones, and even find a date and bet on sports and casino games.

Тhe ifancythat brand will give its users the unique ability to place bets on a wide range of sports and hundreds of casino games. In order to provide the best user experience, Ifancythat also will add fiat currency support and will enable usage of their native fancythattoken (FNCY). To further add to the excitement, ifancy will release its own exchange to enable you to trade all of your favorite crypto assets.

Traveling around the world with ifancythat

Booking cheap flights has always been a difficult game to start with, but the ifancyaflight service prioritizes the best deals for users, so they can fly to their dream destinations without breaking the bank. By collaborating with the world’s biggest brands to give users easy access to all flight times and destinations, ifancyaflight would also include last-minute bookings and further bonuses when using the native FancyThat token.

Traveling around the world may sometimes lead to the need to hire a transportation vehicle. With the ifancyahirecar service, users can choose from cars, motor coaches and even motorhome hires, working with some of the best major car hire brands on the market. Furthermore, as with every service in the ifancythat brand, users will be able to hire a car directly with their FNCY tokens.

Booking a hotel is the last part of a dream trip, whether for business or pleasure. Ifancyahotel will find the best accommodation for users to enjoy their travel.

Buy tech gadgets within the ecosystem

The ifancyawatch service guarantees to show users a wide range of watches by the biggest companies at the best price possible.

Buying a phone, for example, is also streamlined with the ifancythat platform, since users can also sell their used mobile phones, making the platform one of the biggest crypto-enabled smartphone marketplaces to date. The platform also gives users the ability to compare the best prices available for a used phone with the best reviews on the market, making the ifancyaphone service one of the easiest and most reliable to date.

The fancythatwallet – the heart of the ifancythat ecosystem

In order for the ecosystem to operate seamlessly, the ifancythat team is also developing its own non-custodial wallet. The wallet can be seen as a portal, giving you access to a very long list of over 13,000 digital assets, running on different blockchain networks. Some of them are tokens with the ERC-20, BEP-20, Polygon, Avax and many more supported token standards.

The wallet also provides enhanced safety features through the deployment of the VPN Layer 2 encryption, providing safety through anonymity disguise for network data. Anyone looking to steal your details will be getting the VPN server data instead of your personal information.  Furthermore, VPN usage allows encrypted connection to be established between users, devices or storage locations, with information encoded from one end to another with a continuous key.

The wallet would also serve as a place where users can collect various rewards for using the ifancythat ecosystem. For instance, users can join crypto airdrops, using the native token for product purchases and more.

Being an ecosystem, the ifancythat brand also plans to deploy a native messaging system, where users can chat privately, transfer crypto on the chat screen and create group messaging.

The wallet app would also introduce access to decentralized exchanging, IDO Launchpad, which enables users to invest in crypto projects.

In conclusion

Whether for trip planning, tech shopping, or even investing in the marvelous new world of cryptos, the ifancythat brand gets users covered up by offering access to the best hotels, car rental companies, and allows a quick, easy, and secure crypto experience – all under the ifancythat platform. The wallet adds to the flexibility and grants users the best way to deal with all of the things they fancy.

To join the ifancythat ecosystem register on the fancythattoken website and join their upcoming public sale, starting on 1 Aug 2022.

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