iEstate: The first ever platform for real estate tokenization by iFunded

Real estate buying and selling is a tough and complicated process. With a lot of government regulations, variation in local laws, proof of documentation, ownership checking and other contracts, buying and selling properties can be a daunting task.

Going through the complete process can be time consuming and allowing little room for flexibility. The red tape and all create a lot of issues.

Investor and Developer Issues

Investors, who shell out the money – and developers, who build on the estate, are very cautious and apprehensive in making financial commitment for a number of reasons:

  • Investment Fee: Apart from the value paid for the estate, investors face a lot of heavy and complex fee to make the acquisition possible. This includes property tax, legal notary fee, agent’s commission and others. This can be as high as 15% of the property’s value.
  • Limited Access: With no proper platform or a marketplace, getting knowledge of a property for sale can be difficult. Private investors, who are not openly seeking out estate are especially disadvantaged in this aspect.
  • Low Liquidity: similar to acquiring an estate or property, selling is also a tough job that is time consuming. This means liquidating assets has a very long waiting time.
  • Opaqueness: With all the processing complex and closed, there is no transparency in dealings. Varying jurisdictions and laws mean a lot of times third parties have to be hired. This not only increases the fee an investor, but creates vagueness of the work done to achieve a deal.
  • Financing: For developers, it is difficult to find an investor who is willing to fund their work. With lack of investors, many potentially profitable developments is never accomplished.
  • Manual Paperwork: Even when records are digitized, the real estate industry still has a lot of manual documentation and paperwork. This slows down the process unnecessarily and ads to the complexity.

IEstate: Efficient Real Estate

iEstate is a decentralized platform that is backed by iFunded, a digital real estate investment platform that caters for institutional investors. iEstate leverages on the properties of blockchain to make real estate buying and selling efficient, fast and easy. The iEstate platform provides:

  • Low Fees: With many intermediaries cut out of the equation, the investor fee is drastically reduced, down to only the legal ones required. Commission agents’ fee, a major portion of overheads, is eliminated by having peer to peer connections between buyers and sellers.
  • Accessibility: The iEstate platform connects buyers and sellers from all around the world (subject to phase 3 approval). This means an investor will have knowledge and access to all estates up for sale, giving them equal opportunity to invest as any other. Developers will benefit with access to the same investors, letting them make deals easily.
  • High Liquidity: The tokenized form of estate selling means property owners can sell their assets easily and quickly, giving them a high level of liquidity. The marketplace will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving round the clock access to buyers.
  • Transparency: With blockchain comes transparency of the highest level. No hidden fee, no hidden charges and each pay out will be recorded on the distributed ledger.
  • Compliance and Trust: With all legal data such as proof of ownership and updated paid taxes, iEstate gives not only offers a legal coverage, but also creates a trustless environment where each seller and buyer is not apprehensive of fraud.

iEstate is iFunded’s evolution into the blockchain space, allowing us to build the first official platform that tokenizes real estate debt and equity with a security token,” Michael Stephan, CEO and Founder of iFunded, said. “Private and institutional investors playing the field of the real estate market will have the chance to finally experience a transaction platform that offers liquid investments in a normally illiquid asset class. The platform provides access to pre-vetted real estate projects and the tools investors need to engage in profitable business deals instantly.”

iEstate STO

Unlike mainstream blockchain platforms, iEstate will not be going through an ICO. Instead, it will execute a Security Token Offering. Unlike ICOs, where the tokens are utility tokens and offer no share in the proceeds, tokens under the iEstate STO will give investors a digital security and a share in the platform’s business. Token holders will be able to earn proceeds from the profits the platform makes.

The STO will begin the first half of the next year. With investor target market from Asia, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK, the sale will have a capitalization of USD 100 million.

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