ICYMI- These are the Top 4 Models of Moto Metal Wheels Available Right Now


Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Colorado, Moto Metal Wheels has become practically synonymous with off-road rims over these 2 decades. The company’s motto is simple: they build unapologetic wheels for people who don’t mind traversing hostile terrain.

Since 2002, Moto Metal has brought about a mini revolution as far as off-road rims are concerned. The company manufactures smaller-than-usual off-road beauties, starting off at 16-inches with the biggest models maxing out at 24-inches.

This gives the off-roading enthusiast enough space to fit their favorite tires which will certainly make mincemeat of anything that stands in their way without compromising on navigability and braking prowess.

While we cannot call this ‘copying’, most competing brands too have started rolling out smaller rims. This is just one example of how Moto Metal Wheels have left an indelible impact on this niche.

If you are planning to upgrade to a set of state-of-the-art off-road rims, you can start off with any of the 4 bestsellers mentioned in the next section.

4 magical models of Moto Metal Wheels

While the company also manufactures steel rims, all of these models are crafted using high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloys only.

  1. Moto Metal MO970: This is by far the most popular rim manufactured by the company. It sells widely across all 50 States here in the US and has won accolades and love across the world. The 22-inch rim easily outsells the other sizes each year. While clients seem divided on the best finish, we would recommend you try out the machined gloss black over the anthracite variant because the former is easier to maintain.

The MO970 is a handsome and muscular rim and suits everything from a Jeep Wrangler or a Rubicon to all old-school (and brand-new) Silverado and GMC Sierras and everything else in between. It is also targeted at very high-end SUVs.

The MO970 is not very lightweight; however, it more than makes up for it with its superior load and speed ratings. The element of style is also Moto Metal Wheels has retained with a familiar 8-spoke design but with a few more bells and whistles!

  1. Moto Metal MO986 Siege Chrome: The MO986 Siege is one part muscle, one part innovation, and pure thrill overall! While it is available in polished black finishes too, the Chrome Siegeappears to have found a dedicated client pool of its own. The chrome rims have an aggressive mesh-pattern spoke design and very deep lips with a very pronounced concave structure.

Like all the models on this list, the MO986 comes with a structural lifetime warranty (limited) and a years’ warranty on the paintjob.

We have used a set of the MO986 rims (on loan from AudioCity USA of California, our most favorite retailer) on our aging Tacoma and a Ford Raptor. The performance was stupefying with increased control and better navigability.

The MO986’s Chrome version is easy to clean and maintain; it lends a certain touch of class to any vehicle you are fitting these on.

  1. Moto Metal MO978 Razor Dual Tone: This is perhaps the most aggressively styled model from Moto Metal Wheels available right now. This is particularly true for the dual tone model where the satin black rim is complemented very cleverly by hot red spoke inserts. The design aesthetic creates a sort of optical illusion that makes these rims appear bigger than they actually are.

The 20-inch MO978 is widely recommended by aftermarket experts. This is the perfect size for customized and heavily modded off-road vehicles. We have seen several sets of these rims adding style and muscle to lifted pickups and even high-flying SUVs.

The spoke design is similar to a spiders’ web and has been ‘borrowed’ by several competing rims over the years. The MO978 Razor is a fantastic prospect if you are willing to take on the harshest terrain. It will deliver more than you would believe.

The one small problem with these rims is that they are slightly more expensive than comparable models. That said, you are paying for quality and innovation, plus style. Go for these rims even if you are a newbie in off-roading!

  1. Moto Metal MO962: The MO962 weighs a mere 32 pounds but is capable of handling heavily-loaded vehicles across the most treacherous surfaces. Unlike the other models on this list, the MO962 doesn’t go overboard with the spoke design. It takes the simple 8-spokes, adds a lot more heft, and machines it till it looks stunning. Each of the 8 spokes is riveted to the deep lips to create a pretty attractive look overall.

If you drive a full-size SUV or an ATV/UTV or the familiar pickup vans, this is one model you simply cannot afford to miss out on. The 1-piece cast aluminum rim is meant for the mean outdoors and will also be able to accommodate specially modified aftermarket TPMS kits.

What’s more, since the 20-inch variant is most widely known, you can go for high-tech tires that are a lot bigger than the rim. Yes, too much oversizing is certainly not a good practice, but the MO962 gives you that liberty.

Of all the available finishes, the most iconic is the gloss black one with the milled spoke accents. This is Moto Metal Wheels at its finest!

A few last words

Besides these 4 models, the ‘MO999 Reaper’&‘MO998 Kraken’ are also excellent choices for off-roading.

Do remember that the market is almost saturated with duplicate Moto Metal Wheels that look almost alike but are fake. Be wary; purchase sets only from authorized retailers.


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