ICT Broadcast Guide 101: The Best Call Center Software with Auto Dialer Features

Best Call Center Software with Auto Dialer Features

ICTBroadcast has acquired widespread popularity as an integrated communications automatic dialer software. It supports a wide range of broadcasting and telemarketing campaigns that meet the requirements of practically all business cases. 

ICTBroadcast includes multiservice billing, an innovative router, and a payment management solution, all of which works great for telecom companies as well as internet telephony service providers (ITSP). 

ICTBroadcast lately has emerged as a comprehensive outbound and inbound call center software. The following write-up aims to provide detailed information on the subject. Please check it out now.

Inbound Call Center

In inbound call mode, ICTBroadcast waits for calls on the Direct Inward Dialing (DID), and then transmits them to agents. Agents can see the inbound caller ID along with details about call period. At the last moment of the campaign, reports are made. The inbound function also enables people to undertake voice-based surveys. Some features of ICTBroadcast inbound call center are as follows –

  • Interactive Voice Response

Lead the customers through the pre-recorded list of choices. Set it up to initiate the clients to the right agent. Clients who have the required number get the info.

  • Call Queuing

If all the agents are somehow engaged, the inbound calls are shifted to the call queue.  Label the preference for each call dependent on established protocols. This determines the calls are answered immediately. It reduces the annoying waiting period.  

Outbound Call Center

In the outbound calls, ICTBroadcast switches the saved contact list. The calls are usually transmitted to the agents for necessary actions. Agents can see all the incoming calls and the call durations. They prepare detailed campaign reports specifying call data, call length, and other statistics. Some of the dialing modes ICTBroadcast outbound call center provides are as follows –

  • Predictive Dialing

The dialer in the predictive dialing uses a particular statistic to predict which agent is present and the call outcome. Predictive dialing securely taps different mobile numbers for every obtainable agent. The agents do not remain inactive for long. Since this is a quick dialing mode, you must use it only for strong campaigns that have approximately fifteen agents and can easily minimize the chance of reaching a target.

  • Preview Dialing

Preview dialing happens when the agents want the records out from the system. They put correct thumbnails for each record, and then decide whether or not to make the call connection. Preview dialing is utilized for rising campaigns where account shareholding is a significant concern.

  • Progressive Dialing

In progressive dialing, the dialer creates only one call for each agent. It decreases the likelihood of reaching target rate. Progressive dialing is generally used for campaigns that have fifteen agents and last a limited period.

  • Auto Dialing

Thanks to auto dialing, you can successfully decrease the leisure time and increase the overall performance of the agents. It can scramble many potential customers while rescuing the work of the agent.

  • Power Dialing

The agents love power dialing because it minimizes spare time. With power dialing, you can miss preoccupied numbers and move to another number. This elevates effectiveness to a great extent.

When changing the outbound campaign, you must opt for the dialing mode that suits your advertising policy. Make sure to choose the mode after considering the nature of the campaign, the number of agents recruited for the campaign, and all applicable needs.

ICTBroadcast, the auto-dialer call center software, ensures separate website portals for users and administrators. Everyone can monitor, manage, and operate plenty of campaigns independently.

ICTBroadcast relies on a REST-based application programming interface (API) for simple and smooth information exchange. It automates business procedures, which in turn contributes to efficiency and better B2C relationships.

Bottom Line

Do you wish to invest in ICTBroadcast? After going through the above discussion that delineates how this software can benefit modern-day organizations, most individuals will prefer going for it. 

The price of ICTBroadcast ranges between $299 and $1500. A free trial is available too. Check out the various pricing editions and see which one meets your needs and budget. The $1500 edition, for instance, is perfect for internet telephony service providers. It usually features unified communications. The $299 edition is good for call centers that try fulfilling a company’s marketing and communication needs.

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