ICP Community Seeks To Control Future Cross-chain Development

The ICP community, which develops the protocol that enables bridgeless cross-chain transactions, wants to be in complete control of future developments.

TakeAway Points:

  • The ICP community holds the ICPCC 2024 event on May 10.
  • The event seeks to unite the Web3 community worldwide and convert the community conference into a DAO.
  • Events, both virtual and physical, play a crucial role in the Web3 ecosystem by fostering creativity, teamwork, and education. 

ICP Community to Control Future Cross-chain Development

The goal of the ICPCC 2024 event, which stands for Internet Computer Protocol Community Conference, is to unite the Web3 community worldwide and convert the community conference into a DAO.

The contribution of online and offline events in addressing education, collaboration and innovation to the Web3 ecosystem cannot be ignored. Web3 events foster a sense of unity, allowing developers to shape the future of the decentralized world.

One specific upcoming event is centered around Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), a blockchain network known for addressing critical challenges such as scalability, security and interoperability.

Rather than being an alternative to blockchains like Ethereum, ICP fills gaps within Web3 by automating cross-chain transactions without bridges. With ICP, a decentralized application (DApp) on any blockchain network can offer a user-friendly experience like the traditional web without sacrificing decentralization.

ICP aims to enhance the power and usability of DApps across various blockchain networks. To celebrate this, the ICP Community Conference (ICPCC) intends to showcase the value ICP brings to the broader Web3 community as a multichain event brand centered around ICP tech.

Slated for May 10 and organized by Code & State, a venture studio focused on ICP, the ICPCC 2024 seeks to connect Web3 enthusiasts, developers and thought leaders worldwide.

The primary goal of the ICPCC 2024 is to underline the ICP protocol’s capabilities and potential to integrate and add value to other blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Solana. Unlike previous events focusing mainly on the ICP community, the 2024 iteration targets a broader Web3 audience to show how users can strengthen the chains they already use.

DAO Membership

In a move to decentralize the event, Code & State plans to transform the ICPCC into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) during the event. A DAO is a blockchain-based system that enables people to collaborate through consensus mechanisms without centralized leadership.

As the organization transitions to an autonomous structure, participants will vote to elect the council members to shape proposals that will help the DAO manage the events. This council will present the first recommendations regarding 2025 ICPCC events in late 2024.

ICPCC’s first step is the formation of a fully independent Marshall Islands DAO limited liability company (LLC), which will relinquish control and copyright of its brand and entrust the organization’s future to its community. Following this step, the decentralization sale will take place set to begin approximately a day before the event on May 10.

Subsequently, the election of the ICPCC Council will take place roughly a month after May, entrusting them with the governance and future planning of the conference. During the third quarter of 2024, the council will be tasked with making strategic proposals for the first 2025 ICPCC event, ensuring adequate preparation time for the vendor to organize the event.

Following the transformation in the organizational structure, all funds obtained from ticket sales and sponsorships will go to the DAO treasury under the management of tokenholders. By leveraging the event series, the community effectively creates a decentralized marketing arm for the Web3 ecosystem, showcasing a sustainable business model that supports ongoing promotion and development. Thus, the management of the event series will be completely under the control of the users.

Gatherings and Contest

Inviting Web3 enthusiasts worldwide to discover how they can leverage the power of the Internet Computer Protocol, the ICPCC event targets more than 2,000 attendees. The event, where the best use cases of ICP will come to the fore, focuses on building a more interconnected and user-friendly decentralized ecosystem.

Local meetups with ICP influencers, founders, and investors will feature several key opinion leaders from the crypto world. These include MC Blockchain Boy, William Laurent, Jerry Banfield, Blockchain Pill, Aaron Bremser and The Swop.

The ICPCC team believes people will derive real-world value from Web3, even if they don’t know what a token or decentralization is. Its move to a community-focused DAO structure complements ICPCC’s vision for a more user-friendly and accessible future.

Web3 events are at the forefront of advancing a more user-friendly and interconnected decentralized ecosystem, showcasing a progressive stance on governance and community involvement. All blockchain-based events herald a future where decentralization is integrated into everyday digital experiences and where Web3 is accessible to everyone.


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