ICO Translation and Localization Will Lead You to Success

I remember the time when bitcoin was something people laughed at. It was something that only nerds and geeks collected, and guess what: today they’ve become crazy rich.

When I think about how fast bitcoin became popular, I remember the episode of The Big Bang Theory, where the characters look for the bitcoins they mined several years ago. It was just a joke then, but today bitcoin is not something to laugh at. It’s a real deal, and you can make a great profit out of it.

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic today. With such an immense popularity, this field generated something called ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It’s a fundraising tool that allows you to trade future cryptocoins for the cryptocurrencies of a liquid value. It’s an unregulated platform, where you can raise money in a cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin. These cryptocoins are essentially the coupons, which can be easily traded and they do not fall under the rules of ownership rights.

To be successful with your ICO, you need to attract more investors, including from overseas. To do this, you need to perform the ICO translation and localization. But turning to a friend who can translate to a certain language would be a wrong move. You need to hire a professional to do that.

To make your ICO a success, you need to turn to a professional. The availability of different languages for your website, white paper and important marketing materials will build trust and show your credibility as a potential object of investment. But the translation should be done properly and accurately, as all the important information should be clear to your potential investors.

Let’s dive into the reasons how a professional translator can lead your ICO to success.

  1. Accuracy

Any field translator knows that interpreting the content from a specific field requires the knowledge of specific terminology as well. Knowledge of the field and the terminology is a prerequisite to ensure the high quality of the translation.

When hiring a translator that specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency translation, you collaborate with someone who completely understands what you do and why you do it. Your website, white paper and other materials contain a specific financial, marketing and investment information, which can only be translated by someone who has experience dealing with this field.

Your website also needs accurate localization, if you want to be successful with your ICO. As investors from different countries browse through your website, they require the complete set of details from your content information to the concrete facts about your ICO. ICO can only be done by a professional translator as well. Only this way you can ensure the accuracy of the information you provide in other languages.

  1. Cultural Adaptation

The translation goes hand in hand with cultural adaptation. This not only involves the correct translation of different terms but also adapting all the information to make it culturally appropriate, which is a very big issue in today’s business world.

This is what the localization is for: you make the information understandable for the target audience located in a different country. The Word Point localization service providers say that ICO success is determined by the quality of localization performed for the foreign investors. Indeed, in the ICO world, you need to be different if you want to stand out. The majority of ICO businesses don’t pay attention to localization and cultural appropriation, that’s why their authority suffers greatly. By hiring a professional to do localization for you, you show that you are serious about your ICO and that you respect your potential investors.

Also, as we’re talking about technical documents, it’s important to understand that certain terminology differs from region to region, and only a professional translator (preferably, a native speaker of a target language) can help you make the information clear to the tar

  1. Providing Investors with the Feedback

When hiring a professional to do an ICO translation and localization, you not only hire them to translate white paper or website, you might also need a professional translator to manage all Q&As. Having a website in a foreign language and not speaking it will be somewhat confusing for an investor, as they will expect you to answer all their questions in their native language and might not understand English.

If you want your ICO to stand out, take care of your investors by showing them that you care about them getting the full set of information they need. ICO requires real commitment, so by hiring a professional translator to manage Q&A, you take care of how your ICO business will develop in the future. Thus, the quality of ICO translation and localization directly influence the success of your business.

What are the primary languages for your ICO?

  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • Korean;
  • Russian.


Chinese investors have a hard time building their own cryptocurrency market, as China’s policy is pretty much against it. But China’s cryptocurrency ban is not as bad as you might think: it opens a lot of opportunities for other ICOs to attract Chinese investors. Chinese still want to invest in cryptocurrency, as the world has realized the potential of crypto money after the recent bitcoin revolution.  

Russia, Korea, and Japan are the countries with the highest number of crypto users and cryptocurrency communities. The biggest cryptocoin yet has originated in Russia, and in Korea 1 in 3 people invest in cryptocurrency. Cryptocoins are connected with the rapid technological development. European countries have not progressed that far in cryptocurrency as Asian countries did, thus these three languages mentioned above are the primary target languages for ICO translation and localization.

You also need ICO translation and localization professional to make sure that all legal information and details are translated properly. All legal details should be translated and localized according to the demands of the target audience, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country where the target audience is located.

As ICO investors mostly operate according to the laws and regulations of their countries, you need a proper translation to help them understand all the terms and conditions.

Invest in Professional Translation!

ICO is a relatively new field, which is also pretty complex to operate. As the cryptocurrency market has spread worldwide, to cooperate with foreign investors, you need to find the common language to settle down all possible issues.

Professional ICO translation and localization is a guarantee that you will get more investors, as it shows that you’re interested in working with them. So if you want to bring your ICO to success, definitely hire an ICO translation and localization professional to help you out.

BIO: Pauline Farris speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian. She travelled the world to immerse herself in the new cultures and learn languages. Today she is proud to be a voting member of the American Translators Association and an active participant of the Leadership Council of its Portuguese Language Division.

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