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ICF PCC & ACC: Step-by-step Guide On How To Choose The Right Coach Certification Program

You made a very great decision by looking to become a life coach. Life coaching won’t only help you serve your life’s purpose. In addition, it also allows you to honor another person’s life purpose. You also get to help people around you to perform at their highest levels. Generally speaking, being a life coach isn’t straightforward. To get to the peak of your career, you need to enroll for the best ICF certifications; ACC, PCC, ICF ACTC, and a few others.

In the rest of this post, you’ll find a few step-by-step guidelines on how to choose the right ICF coach certification program in 2024.

1. Choose a good coaching institute

Why exactly is choosing a good ICF-certified coaching institute important? With many different coaching programs available out there today, a reliable ICF-certified coaching institute is all you need to find the best certification programs.

Tandem Coach is a reliable institute, as it has a team of ICF-qualified coaches, who can teach you the life-transforming skills you so desire. Furthermore, programs offered by this institute are approved by the ICF. This alone will give you rest of mind that the materials available for you to learn are of great quality.

2. Choose the right certification level

It’s no longer news that the ICF certifications are gold standards for global life coaches. As such, for you to get started on the right path in your coaching career, you need to choose the right ICF certification level.

Generally, the ICF certifications are available in three major levels:

The ICF ACC coaching certification
ICF PCC certification
ICF MCC certification

ACC means Associate Credentialed Coach. You need this type of certification if you aim to become an associate-certified coach. Tandem Coach offers ICF ACC accreditation programs, which will help you become a certified associate coach. These programs involve 60 hours of training. Furthermore, they also come with a coaching experience of 100 hours.

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) is a global gold standard that is highly recommended for established coaches. You should consider this program if the primary focus of your professional practice involves offering coaching services. That said, this ICF PCC credential comes with 100 hours of training and a coaching experience that lasts for 500 hours.

Like ICF ACC, Tandem Coach also offers one of the best ICF PCC coaching programs. This program stands out from what you’ll find in the market because of its additional focus on ICF ACTC. This means this program won’t only help you prepare for the PCC certification. It also comes with specialized modules, which help you better prepare for the advanced certification in team coaching (ACTC).

Lastly, the ICF certification also has a Master Certified Coach (MCC).  This credential includes 200 hours of training, as well as 2500 hours of coaching experience.

3. Factor in your values & coaching methodology

You should understand that the best ICF PCC or ACTC programs are never created the same way. These programs are designed by different creators. They are designed based on the creator’s global views, beliefs, and coaching experiences. This explains why you need to factor in your values when choosing a suitable program.

The bottom line is that factoring in your values will help you choose a program that aligns perfectly with your intended goals and interests. And like your values, the coaching methodology is also crucial when choosing the right ICF program. We advise that you choose a program with a proven methodology that aligns well with your coaching goals.

4. Choose a program with professional facilitators

When choosing a suitable ICF coach certification program, you should also consider the facilitators. The right program should have expert-level facilitators. This way, you’ll be able to learn from the best and acquire the necessary coaching skills to elevate your career.

Are you interested in becoming an ICF PCC coach or a certified ICF ACC expert? Regardless of your interests, Tandem Coach is the best institute for you. That’s so because it offers certified programs, which are handled by top-rated, industry-accredited facilitators.

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