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iBrave Web Hosting Announces One Of The Industries’ First Lifetime Membership Programs

E-commerce businesses and website owners expect high-quality resources. Web hosting is an alternative to traditional means of addressing the lack of local resources, and allows people with limited expertise to easily set up and administer web-based applications. The rapid emergence and evolution of commercial and open-source software has reduced the complexity of administering Web services, once a time-consuming and technically demanding process. 

Web hosting companies such as Godaddy, Kinstam and WP Engine, have contributed to the effectiveness of web services, by providing safe, secure and easy web-hosting services. iBrave Hosting provides additional value to the web-hosting market. 

What is iBrave Hosting?

iBrave Hosting is a web hosting provider that offers a variety of cloud-based solutions with a range of features and unlimited resources. iBrave Hosting started as a web hosting company that specialized in providing cloud-based shared hosting solutions. The company targets various types of businesses, including e-commerce stores, personal blog stores, photography galleries, and other profiles.

This web-hosting provider is designed by experts with over two decades of experience in the industry, and offers effective solutions in the industry. iBrave offers a robust cloud hosting solution that gives one the freedom to build and operate a website anywhere. It features a global content delivery network (CDN) that guarantees fast, secure, and error-free web hosting.

How is iBrave different from other web hosting sites?

iBrave Hosting’s client area is simple to use and is designed to be very user-friendly. It features a variety of features that allows one to manage their accounts and services. iBrave provides great value for money and unlimited storage as it offers a simple and swift setup with 100% SSD storage. Unlike Kinsta, Godaddy, and WP Engine, iBrave offers a lifetime membership program.  iBrave provides a valuable solution to businesses through this offer. 

The company’s co-founder, Zane Voss explained that they “aim to be the best web hosting alternative for budget-minded people who want to lower expenses and to save money on this essential digital service…iBrave Hosting is blazing a new trail in the web hosting space by offering a lifetime of premium full-featured web hosting for a low one-time fee, effectively eliminating people’s hosting bill forever and saving them thousands of dollars in the process”.

Some of the service’s key features are:

  • Unlimited cloud hosting via  global Content Delivery Network
  • Standard fast SSD storage
  • Hosting is created to scale with your website so that your website performance is consistent and grows with you. This ensures that you are able to maintain your standard of hosting even as your platform continues to grow.
  • Customer support is available every day which means that you are never left without assistance
  • Their service includes a user-friendly control panel that has over 80 popular “1-click install web apps”.

The competition

TMDHosting and iBrave Hosting offer a variety of hosting options, including shared, cloud, and WordPress, and they come with a variety of money-back guarantees. However, iBrave Hosting may be a preferred choice as it is cheaper than TMDHosting, and offers a better selection of shared plans.

InMotion Hosting is a US-based web hosting company that offers unlimited features and pricing plans. Although it uses the same cPanel as iBrave Hosting, it doesn’t offer the same features and pricing plans. 

Final thoughts

There are many reasons why choosing a web hosting service is worth it. Aside from the immediate cost, choosing a professional provider allows businesses to get their value for money. The providers of these services assist in business growth in the long run. Finding the right hosting service is imperative to the success of your online platform. At the end of the day it is imperative to remember that the option that you choose will significantly impact your profit so it is important to evaluate your individual needs before committing to a choice. You need a company that is both reliable and cost-effective. 

Whilst iBrave is still new to the market, they have proven that they have big things in store. The company has shown that they are on their way to leading the industry with their unique pricing model for web hosting as well as with their safe and secure data centers.

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