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Ibrahim Issaoui: Meet The Man Behind Socimex Group’s Success

Ibrahim Issaoui is the CEO and founder of Socimex Group, a multinational company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After coming to Congo and seeing the country’s enormous potential, Lebanese immigrant Ibrahim Issaoui established the organization in 1998. The company’s mission is to help build a better future for the Congolese people. And they do, by providing services and job opportunities in the DRC’s growing economy.


Ibrahim Issaoui founded his first company, Socimex – after which the group took its name – in 1998. Socimex imports and exports goods, primarily foodstuffs. It was created to help provide food staples to the people of Congo. Since its founding, Socimex has opened multiple outlets around the country and is a leader in the Congolese market. Thanks to Issaoui’s hard work, Congolese people have access to affordable essential food items. Socimex is dedicated to improving people’s lives in Congo by providing them with quality goods at affordable prices.

In the wake of Socimex’s initial success, Ibrahim Issaoui recognized there was a demand for additional goods and services in Congo.

Congo Oil

Socimex Group’s Congo Oil business is a key player in the country of Congo. The company operates a state-of-the-art production facility. It seeks to modernize traditional vegetable oil production, with an ultimate goal of self-sufficiency in these products as they are derived from Congolese sources only. Congo Oil is dedicated to helping its farmers improve their daily lives.

Central Motors

Central Motors is the exclusive distributor of automotive brands Hyundai and Mazda in the Congo. It was founded in 2007 and has grown into a leader in the market. Central Motors offers a wide selection of high-quality automobiles that cater to its consumer’s desires. The company has helped improve public transportation in DRC by providing high-quality buses that are both comfortable and durable.

Central Motors is committed to establishing a culture of trust with its customers. They aim to provide reliable vehicles at competitive prices and excellent service that continues after the sale.


Socitrans, a logistics service provider focused on container freight movement between the port city of Matadi and Kinshasa was formed in 2004. The company has a fleet of heavy tonnage long-haul trucks and container chassis. Which enables it to provide services to the far corners of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Safrimex, a construction and engineering business was founded in 2001. Its activities contribute significantly to the development of the infrastructure of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company goes by the motto: “We don’t lay roads; we connect cities.”


Sonades is a renewable energy company founded in 2005. The company was formed to assist the DRC Congo’s energy infrastructure development. Sonades is committed to providing energy for the nation, ensuring that all Congolese have access to renewable energy, and helping promote a Green Energy revolution in the country.

What’s next for Ibrahim Issaoui and Socimex Group?

In a recent interview, Mr. Issaoui told L’Essential magazine that he is looking into developing agricultural projects, livestock projects, and improving lake and river transportation infrastructure.

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