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Ian Mausner shares 3 Ways You Can Make Money with a Small Blog! — Part 1: CPM and CPC 

Ian Mausner

When blogging became popular, everyone went mad about it. Everyone wanted to be one! Well you know what? Thousands realized their dream while millions … failed! Failed while competing with big players like Engaged (and many other tech blogs) while they got funded and had enough resources to invest in marketing campaigns to get their stories spread all over the web. Smaller blogs may find it impossible to grow at such pace but you can always take your blog one step up by making it your income source too says Ian Mausner.

There are many ways you can monetize a blog, but I am going to introduce only two of them that work best for me. More will come soon if this post goes well so stay tuned! Meanwhile, comment below if you have more ideas on how to monetize a blog and I may add them in future posts.

Before we start, please note that not all blogs can be monetized with the two ways I am going to introduce here. For example: if you don’t own a big-sized fashion blog, affiliate marketing won’t work for you and same goes for other niches. But if your website is about technology or entertainment, we’ve got some great ideas below!

3 Ways You Can Make Money with a Small Blog!

1- Amazon Associates

Anyone can apply as an Amazon Associate by signing up through this link. There are no fees involve but you will get pay when someone buys a product from Amazon after clicking a link you post on your blog. To make this method work, you need to have a somewhat decent traffic as well as genuine readers who actually buy things. If you provide good contents and help people solve problems then you’ll be surprised how many of them will click those links and end up buying products from Amazon.

How it works: every time someone buys something from Amazon, the online store pays around 5% – 10% of the total amount to its Associate (you). For instance, if someone spends $100 on a television set, an Associate like me gets $5 – $10 for that sale explains Ian Mausner. So let’s say I get 100 visitors per day and we assume half of them purchase something during their visit then that means I’ll get around 50 – 100 sales per day which can be as much as $1,500 – $3,000+ dollars a month!

2- Adsense

Any website/blog can display Google ads through Adsense. The biggest advantage of using Adsense is that it doesn’t require any effort from blog owners. Once you sign up for an account with them and add some code to your site’s source, their system automatically checks it from time to time and displays relevant ads on your web pages. Whenever someone clicks on those links or banners, you’ll earn money. So basically all you have to do is to find a good company providing reputable ad networks and go with the one that suits you best. Don’t expect a lot from Adsense though, even if you have thousands of visitors each day. Your income will remain modest!

How it works: every time someone clicks on an ad display on your blog, Google gets pay and gives around 60% – 75% of that sum to the site owner (you). For instance, you get 100 visitors daily and they click 30 ads per day then that means you’ll earn $5 – $7 dollars for that entire month which is not much … I know! On the other hand, this method is probably the best one as compared to others because all you need to do is write good contents and publish them on your site. Yes blogging requires an extraordinary amount of work but with some good strategies in place, you can easily get a handsome income from your blog with little effort.

3- Share a Sale

I use this method quite often to promote products on my own websites and earn a commission for each sale I make. Customization is their specialty so you can basically sign up, pick a product you’d like to sell then set up all the details yourself without hiring any web developer or designer! Their system automatically creates an external shopping cart link that can be added into your site’s source code says Ian Mausner. So it looks as if you’re selling the specific product directly from your own website! Well, at least that’s what most people think.


If you want to make money online then blogging is one of the most genuine and easiest ways for this purpose. All you need is a blog (WordPress will be perfect), some contents and visitors. Once you get those three things, money will automatically follow!


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