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HyperDEX Finance: A DeFi Platform Simplifying Process for Investing in Digital Assets

The rapidly expanding and evolving DeFi space pose an inherent risk for users who are not well-versed with the complexities of DeFi products but wish to optimize their returns. There’s a need for a service to guide users in choosing the right investment strategies that suit their risk appetite.

HyperDEX Finance is one such asset management platform that seeks to simplify the process of investing in DeFi through its comprehensive investment products.

What is HyperDEX?

HyperDEX is a decentralized finance project that makes it simpler for anyone to invest in crypto and digital assets. It offers investment products in the form of cubes enabling users to pick from various strategies that fit their risk tolerance. This is in contrast to many existing protocols, whereby users must have an in-depth understanding of the platform or risk precarious capital exposure. From depositing investments to claiming returns, HyperDEX simplifies the whole investment process for users, allowing them to choose the suitable investment options that meet their financial goals.  

Below are a few unique features which set HyperDEX apart from other DeFi protocols.

What are Cubes?

DeFi investing can be intimidating for new users, especially since the complexity of decentralized finance makes it challenging to choose the right investment strategy. HyperDEX offers three primary investment strategies, each with different risk profiles. 

The three main strategies are: 

  • Fixed Income Cube: earn a fixed return over a set period 
  • Algo Trading Cube: earn a variable return over a set period via HyperDEX trading algorithms. 
  • Race Trading Cube: speculate on the price of a specific asset over a set period

In addition, users are allowed to select a set of parameters that indicate the investment’s details (e.g. asset deposited, expiration date, etc.) to optimize returns on each Cube investment.

Increase Your Profits with HyperCube

In addition to the Cubes, users can create a corresponding HyperCube that generates additional benefits and returns on a selected investment. To create a HyperCube investment strategy, users deposit HYP tokens (HyperDEX native token) in addition to a Cube investment.

The HyperCube benefits are as follows:

  • Fixed Income HyperCube: Enjoy increased return on initial investment + 20% return on deposited HYP tokens. 
  • Algo Trading HyperCube: Gives additional return in HYP tokens equivalent to the original investment’s return. 
  • Race Trading HyperCube: Gives additional return in HYP tokens equivalent to the original investment’s return.

In short, HyperCubes offer users the ability to simultaneously earn “parallel“ profits by transforming the Cube into HyperCube.While the Cube only pays a basic percentage reward on the underlying asset, the HyperCube pays double and increases the basic percentage at the same time. This benefits investors in two ways:  1) it increases overall returns for investors and 2) increases demand for HYP tokens which in turn increases token price and profits. 

HYP Token

HYP is the native token of the HyperDEX Finance platform. HYP tokens are used for various functions within the HyperDex ecosystem, including creating HyperCubes and receiving rewards from the farm. Users who refer others to HyperDEX or stake their LP via the farm. 

During fundraising, for each HYP token minted and sold to an investor, another one will be minted and allocated towards HyperDex. The initial supply of HYP will not exceed 200,000,000 tokens.


HyperDEX is a fully decentralized asset management platform. It offers a simple, effective and powerful way for DeFi newcomers and pro traders to invest and trade digital assets. Users only need a wallet to access the platform and initiate an investment.  In addition, the platform is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain to ensure quicker transactions and lower fees. Given its unique features and the ever-increasing user base that amp up the platform’s value, HyperDEX holds massive future potential in the DeFi space. 

The team announced the commencement of their pre-sale, and investors who jump in early would potentially enjoy high returns on their HYP investment in the long term. Simply visit their website to participate in the pre-sale. After completing the presale, a listing at a DEX Exchange will follow.

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