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Hybrid Blue, a ‘game-changing’ business suit for stylish commuter

With more than sixty years of experience in Suit tailoring, The Makers have succeeded in developing a suit with Hybrid Blue #001 that encourages active and sustainable commuting. In doing so, they offer a Sustainable and Innovative answer to the requirements of the modern Business Commuter.

A commuter suit with the latest technology

Ultra-stretch, Wrinkle-proof, Weatherproof , Machine Washproof , breathable and equipped with smart solutions for the Smart Phone. By applying the latest techniques and using corn leaves in developing the fabric, The Makers have developed the most sustainable Commuter Suit.

Suit solutions for city commuters

The solution for the Urban professional who travels from A to B, by bike, in the EV car or by train. With a removable collar, it can stand with all weather conditions, without sacrificing comfort and style.

Contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction

Due to the special properties of the Hybrid Blue suit, it can be included in a cycling incentive program and thus contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint. Which could be interesting in the context of the draft decision “CO2 reduction in work-related personal mobility”, which will come into effect next summer.

Suit solutions for travel workers

Commuters deserve to look great after a long cycling trip or a hot metro ride. They deserve a comfortable suit that doesn’t wrinkle and is waterproof so they don’t have to invest in more than one jacket. They deserve to get a suit with high-tech fabrics at an affordable price. A suit that is designed to be connected!

About Hybrid Blue

We are a suit that delivers on its promises. A suit that allows you to be connected to the world around you. At Hybrid Blue, we are convinced that this is fundamental. Because it allows us to make sure that everyone feels good about themselves at work, because let’s face it: wearing a suit always makes you feel more successful.

Hybrid Blue is set to revolutionize the commuting experience, alleviating the stress associated with being caught in traffic. At Hybrid Blue, our philosophy transcends conventional perceptions-we don’t see problems in traffic, instead, we perceive opportunities for progress and forward mobility. If you’re interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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