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First of all, what is hwinfo64? If you already know what is it, you can skip this whole part. But if you don’t know anything about this useful tool, then keep reading. This utility was made by Realix, its main function is to provide a detailed list of information about our computer’s hardware, processor status, memory, and hard disk consumption. With this software, you can test your system performance and export the analysis in plain text, XML, or excel format.

There is no need for a guide to using this tool, it is extremely intuitive. But we are going to give you at least some simple tips. Before running hwinfo64, a welcome message will pop up. There, you can select between sensors only or summary only modes. Once you had already selected your preferred option, you can click “Run” and start the system diagnosis. Before clicking “Run” you can also click “Settings” to acces to the configuration menu.

HWiNFO64 Settings

This program is an advanced version of windows’ integrated task manager and device administrator. Hwinfo64 allows you to have more control through its settings. You can configure the data you want to see: the frequency, the temperature, fan speed, components compatibility, sensor monitoring, memory consumption, and much more. In the settings section, there are different tabs. General, layout, custom, system tray, OSD (RTSS), alerts, Logitech LCD, and Hwinfo gadget. From there we can configure things like the unities of temperature, Fahrenheit or Celsius. We can show or hide sensors on the windows taskbar. And we can generate alerts when a sensor peaks out of its parameters, between other functions.

HWiNFO64 Benefits

Don’t you know what motherboard you have? What graphic card? If it is integrated or not? How much RAM memory does your system have? If it is enough or do you need more? Let’s download hwinfo64 and find it out. You don’t need to open your CPU, like in old times, now you can know your computer components with a few clicks. What about if you have a laptop instead of a desktop computer, it is even harder to open, and if you don’t have the required technical knowledge you could end up damaging it. Hwinfo64 is your solution. Are you going to buy a second hand computer through some online marketplace? Some sellers usually lie about the components of the computer they are selling. Before buying it ask them to download hwinfo64 and send you screenshots of its results. For security, once you already bought the computer run the software again and check the results are the same as the screenshots that the seller sent you.

Download HWiNFO64

This software is available for windows operating systems. There is an official and a beta version. There is also a free and a pro version. Although the free version of this utility give you access to all its functions for non commercial uses, the pro version is for those who want to use hwinfo64 for business purposes. You can download this amazing tool either in its 64 or 32 bits version. If you don’t know how many bits your operative system architecture is, you can make a second click over the “This PC” icon on your computer and select “properties” which is the last option on the list. There you can read the operating system name, id, and type. In type, there is the answer. Most of the systems can run either 64 or 32 bits programs, we recommend the 64 bits version of hwinfo64 which is faster. There is also a portable version, that you can use without installation.

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