HUP.LIFE Announces The Launch Of The $HUP token On Pancakeswap

$HUP token On Pancakeswap

HUP.LIFE sets stage for the first internationally compliant, copyright-enabled NFT platform with the launch of its native token, $HUP token On Pancakeswap.

HUP.LIFE is reiterating their commitment to delivering innovative solutions to bring more people into the digital economy with the launch of the $HUP token on Pancakeswap. The company created a marketplace for socially-conscious digital artists to offer the first-of-its-kind platform for trading copyright-enabled digital art. In a related development, the token launch scheduled for June 15th, 2021 on PancakeSwap will be the first step for the planned launch of the innovative economic model at the HUP.MARKET and for the technology behind the ceNFTs to take off.

The emergence of the NFT market has been described by many as the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space. Digital art continues to face tons of problems, with one of the major ones being the difficulty in determining the country of origin of a digital art file once it is published. Consequently, such virtual assets do not get the same legal protections as their physical counterparts in terms of copyrights and licencing globally. However, HUP.LIFE is looking to change this narrative by leveraging the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with the creation of HUP.MARKET.

HUP.LIFE’s new, copyright-enabled NFT’s is built on blockchain technology, ultimately creating worldwide legal protection of digital art just like traditional, physically tangible art, by designating a legal country of origin. HUP.MARKET allows artists to trade the art as well as the copyrights and licenses separately. Consequently, they enjoy more opportunities to profit off the creations over the lifetime of the work, and not only with the initial sale.

The project has already started to enjoy rave reviews from tech enthusiasts across the globe. “HUP.MARKET fundamentally transforms the value of NFTs. Being the world’s first platform enabling socially-conscious visual artists to mint and sell Copyright-Enabled NFTs through a framework that seeks to respect international copyright and securities law, allowing artists and NFT holders the ability to enforce their rights in the vast majority of countries,” said Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple.


HUP.LIFE is a blockchain-based, community-governed project that strives to empower artists and collectors to fully monetize their art NFTs through the power of internationally enforceable copyright.. With the ethos of social consciousness at the core of its mission, HUP.LIFE and its HUP.MARKET NFT platform are paving the way for visual artists and collectors to take control and fully monetize their NFTs by selling and licensing the copyright of the underlying artwork throughout countries around the world.

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