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Huobi Incubator and Octopus Accelerator Fund top Web3 Teams Spring 2022

Huobi Incubator and Octopus Accelerator Fund

Huobi Incubator joins Octopus Network to cohost and sponsor the Spring 2022 Octopus Accelerator Program with an additional $12.5k Huobi Prize awarded to one of the top five Web3 teams competing for the $50K Octopus Accelerator Star Prize. 

The Octopus Accelerator Program is a quarterly offering of composable and open Web3 related courses sponsored by the Octopus Network. 

The Octopus Accelerator Program is available to mature Web3.0 teams worldwide who wish to realize the development of their protocols with the mentoring of top industry experts.

Substrate developers and their teams who complete the course have a chance of winning one of five $50k grants after presenting their final projects during Octopus Showcase Day following the commencement of the course.

Top Subject Matter Experts — Tech, Decentralized Governance, Tokenomics, Marketing, and more… 

Top mentors and updated online video courses are available to each team accepted into the Accelerator Program. In addition, Octopus Network works with the teams intensively to advise them during their development and help them to refine their pitch to investors.

Each Accelerator batch of courses culminates in a Showcase Day, enabling the participating startups to present their projects to an invite-only panel of judges made up of technical experts, investors, and SMEs. 

The judges of Showcase Day choose five winners who will each receive $50k in Octopus Star Prize grants 

Huobi Incubator contributes an additional award to the Spring 2022 Octopus Accelerator Batch

The Spring 2022 Batch gains additional support from Huobi Incubator in the form of a special $12,500 Huobi Prize to be presented to one of the top five teams.

A full-cycle incubation program, the Huobi Incubator integrates early-stage accelerator services, investment management, and industry research. Web3 Scholarship, its funding program, supports early-stage Web3 builders with funds, incubator mentorships, and token-listing opportunities.

“This synergistic partnership with Octopus Network will help mentor aspiring Web3 projects, so all users of the Internet will benefit from the innovation put forward by up-and-coming developer talent.”

Jewel Chen, Head of Huobi Incubator.

Spring 2022 applications accepted until Sunday, February 27th

The Octopus Accelerator Spring 2022 term is currently accepting applications from Web3 teams and Substrate Developers worldwide. The Spring batch commences on February 28th and concludes on April 9th — followed by the Showcase Day scheduled for April 18th. 

Spring 2022 applications are now open until February 27th. Any interested Web3 teams should submit their Application for the Spring 2022 Accelerator Program Batch before February 27th.

Octopus Accelerator Program to award $1M to twenty Web3 Teams 

The Octopus Accelerator program offers yearly awards totalling $1M worth of grants to twenty promising Web3.0 Appchain protocols. By providing cutting edge support to Web3 teams, the Accelerator Program scaffolds the development of Substrate-based application-specific blockchain candidates by assisting them in building out their products and communities. The Octopus Accelerator Program is open and requires no equity from its participants. 

Fall 2021 Octopus Network Accelerator Program Star Showcase Winners

In spite of the challenges posed by Covid, the Fall 2021 Accelerator Program participating protocols launched testnets, built communities, and raised funds from leading investors. 

The Fall 2021 Octopus Accelerator Program produced five top Web3 protocols that each won the $50k Octopus Star Showcase Prize after successfully participating in the post-course Octopus Accelerator Showcase Day.

Both Atocha Protocol and Fusotao also went on to apply for and win an additional $50,000 Near Protocol grant.

About Octopus Network

Octopus Network is a multichain cryptonetwork built on NEAR Protocol for launching and running Substrate-based, decentralized application-specific blockchains — aka Appchains.

Appchains in the Octopus Network enjoy flexible leased security, out-of-box interoperability, one-stop infrastructure, and a ready-to-be-engaged community.

The architectural design of the Octopus Network — together with the processing power of the NEAR Protocol — makes it easy to host thousands of appchains.

About Octopus Accelerator

The Octopus Accelerator is a structured acceleration framework to initiate the future of web 3.0. We believe in the importance of a vibrant community of projects, where founders can interact in an open, entrepreneurial environment in order to effectively innovate.

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