Hunting: Then and Now – A Complete Overview

In the olden days, when there was no scope for technology and development, people started finding ways to survive. And it was during this struggle that hunting emerged as a messiah. Hunting is simply the act of killing animals for food and other needs. When it was first introduced, it quickly became a necessity for humans. However, as it grew, the meaning of hunting shifted. 

Hunting evolved not just in terms of species and regions but also in terms of equipment and procedures. There was a period when humans had to hunt with either a basic tool or their minds. However, hunting stores now provide them with all of the things they require. 

A hunting store sells a wide range of firearms, ammunition, nets, and other hunting-related items. But, in the modern period, more hunting means a great threat to biodiversity. Ideologies have shifted, increasing the need to speak out against it.

  • The Hunting History

When hunting first began some three million years ago, our meals evolved from vegetarian to non-vegetarian foods. Southern Africa is famed for its legendary hunting history and great hunters, who are still included in many African school textbooks. 

People say that this is due to the presence of several tribes in the nation who continue to practice the same way of life. Another thing that set them apart was that they utilized medical techniques to make hunting easier. If the men were assaulted by animals, natural antibiotics and their combinations were applied to cure their wounds.

Hunting is thought to have begun in the Indian Subcontinent in approximately 1500 BC. It was thought to be an outdoor sport. Many religious texts, including the Mahabharata and Ramayana, mention hunting. 

The Mughal dynasty was well-known for this. The Rajputs are as well. It was a time when wars were fought with the help of animals, and communications were delivered by birds.

  • The Neolithic Age: An end to hunting need

The Neolithic period is defined as the time when people began practising agriculture and raising cattle as their primary employment. With the development of farming, hunting became a less important and secondary requirement. During farming, hunting became a strategy for humans to protect their crops and cattle from wild animals.

However, hunting became a social icon for the royal families. Agriculture was once responsible for meeting the necessities of the general population. But, in the aristocratic culture, hunting made them appear more affluent and privileged. Following that, several soldiers and kings, such as Bunny Allen, Victor Emmanuel II, and Jim Corbett, demonstrated their strength and competence in this field.

  • The Modern Leisure Activity

Nowadays, hunting is seen as an exciting vacation activity. Accordingly, the tools and equipment are extremely advanced. In addition, a lot of people advertise group hunting trip packages and thrilling experiences for the same. The methods of hunting have progressed, as has the level of equipment.

  • Firearms- Nowadays, every hunting store offers a large range of rifles of various models and brands based on the customer’s needs. They differ primarily in price, weight, focus point, and distance covered.
  • Tents– The world is evolving. Nowadays, people choose to use tents on hunting grounds since it offers them safety and allows them to fully enjoy their vacation. The best category includes inflatable tents in NZ. These tents are similar to standard tents, except instead of plastic or metal poles, they include inflatable beams that make them easier to transport. Because of their double skin, they can endure winds and are an excellent choice for the rainy season.

In addition, they can be simply taken down and offer greater room, making them more dependable. Inflatable tents NZ is among the best tents (in New Zealand). They offer the highest quality at an affordable price. Zempire, Dwights, and High Trek are a few of the outstanding brand names.

The trees have been cleared, and the cities, states, and countries are now well-developed. That is why people have designated zones for hunting animals. Tanzania is one of the top hunting destinations for an adventurous trip. It has large hunting fields with exotic animals and a wide range of games. Apart from that, South Africa, Cambodia, Argentina, and Namibia are excellent choices.

  • The Matter of Concern

Although hunting is a fun activity for some, it has grown over time into a source of income. Every year, humans sell animals for their skin and body parts, as well as to suit personal needs. This act has resulted in the species becoming endangered, if not extinct. 

According to human rights campaigners, it is a heinous crime that should be prohibited. People have spoken out in various international organizations and committees, holding leaders and representatives accountable. With these issues in mind, many governments have established national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to protect the remaining species.

The world operates under a constant state of change. Hunting began as a necessity, transitioned to a supporting function, and ultimately turned into a choice that many people find objectionable.


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