Hungarian NFT artist and multilingual translator, Berki Ferenc, announces the launch of Shiba Inu Nft Comicbook, a collection of Space-X Comics

Berki Ferenc made history as the first NFT Comicbook Artist, creating the Space-X (Shiba Inu), The Marshmello, and Fortnite-X Comic books. The gifted artist has taken it a step further to launch a collection on OpenSea, introducing the Shiba Inu Nft Comicbook from 2021 in the VladiIvanov Collection to NFT enthusiasts and blockchain investors worldwide.

The global multi-billion-dollar NFT market has continued to evolve and grow amid the emergence of digital artists and NFT marketplaces as well as the increasing popularity of virtual assets. However, Berki Ferenc is looking to challenge the status quo, an attribute he has seemingly mastered over the years, as he launches the Shiba Inu Nft Comicbook in 2021 as part of the VladiIvanov Collection on OpenSea.

Berki Ferenc is practically charting a new course in the global digital asset space with the VladiIvanov Collection. Before the release of the Shiba Inu Nft Comicbook in 2021, Berki created 6 printed editions from the Space-X printed comic books, 4 pieces from the Fortnite-X Comics, and 2 from the Marshmello. The decision to introduce the Shiba Inu Nft Comicbook from 2021 on OpenSea as part of the VladiIvanov Collection is a reiteration of his commitment to creating value for all categories of art lovers.


The rarity and uniqueness of the works from Berki Ferenc have made them a collector’s item, with the first piece of the 6 existing printed editions of The Shiba Comics sold for 2 BTC and the second for an undisclosed price by an Auction Institute, with the entire collection projected to be worth over $7.6 million.

To learn more about the Shiba Inu Nft Comicbook and the VladiIvanov Collection, visit OpenSea. Berki Ferenc can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.
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