HUH Token’s Top 3 Social Media Techniques that Helped Boost its Price by 6000%

HUH Token was only launched on December 6th on PancakeSwap, yet due to its lucrative presale launch and social media hype, it already dominates crypto news headlines and boasts a $66 million market cap. Despite only being purchasable for just several weeks, HUH has managed to reach more noteworthy DeFi platforms such as BitForex, SushiSwap and as of tomorrow, UniSwap. In this article, we’ll take a look at how HUH utilized powerful social media strategies to go viral. Skyrocket 6000% with over 15,000 holders onboard, HUH is living the Altcoin Dream for sure.  

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  • Encouraging investors to share via its two-tier referral system

HUH Token introduced a novelty referral system that benefits both the referrer and the referee. If the referrer uses the referee’s unique code, they receive 10% of the BNB distribution into their wallet upon the referee’s first purchase. In turn, both the referrer and the referee also enjoy a reduced selling fee of 10%, down from 20%. Then, if the referee goes on to refer another person to HUH Token, the first referrer still receives an additional 2% bonus, that gets directly deposited into their wallets.

As HUH enabled the referral system to have unlimited usage, they incentivized token holders to spread the word online in order to refer as many people as possible to multiply their BNB distribution. After all, there are only so many friends you have wanted to invest in crypto. HUH Token holders have used Telegram, Reddit, and Instagram among others to share their codes, which contributed to rapidly expanding the HUH community.  

  • Partnering with popular influencers

HUH Token is allegedly bringing onboard hundreds of social media influencers with follower counts in the 100,000s towards the end of January. HUH is rumored to have selected influencers that were once the subjects of viral memes, thus giving the nod to their influence on crypto via the iconic meme coin. 

Moreover, targeting social media influencers brings HUH to people’s attention outside of the crypto world. While specific subreddits and Telegram channels tend to be browsed by those with prior crypto interests, influencers tend to operate on Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, HUH can be publicized to newer audiences and introduce them to crypto.  

  • Creating engaging competitions 

Yesterday, HUH Token announced a $60,000 Prize Pool on their Instagram page in honor of their UniSwap launch tomorrow. 60 token holders will be selected at random to receive a maximum of $1,000 per investor. To enter, HUH Token requires a minimum of $100 to join, and winners will be rewarded ERC20 UniSwap HUH tokens when it launches.  

HUH’s move will drive investors to the new platform, which is expected to cause another boom in its value. The competition embodies HUH’s utility feature by raising capital and thereby generating hype around HUH. Like its presale strategy that landed HUH in PancakeSwap’s Top 20, token holders benefit from gaining rewards as HUH’s prominence escalates. 

HUH have coined this the ‘Utimeme’ approach and are the first of their kind to do so. By combining the principles of utility tokens with the appeal of meme coins, HUH has managed to create an ecosystem to aid its usability as a cryptocurrency while relying on social media buzz to promote it. Perhaps altcoins will look to HUH’s strategies to achieve success in the future. 

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