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HUH Token 172million Market Cap As Dogecoin Surges Because Of Tesla Update

As Christmas draws closer and the feeling of sentimentality, love and warmth, all hum through the air and the smell of spiced liquors ring through the breeze, it’s no wonder that people enjoy shopping around this time for Christmas gifts… especially when the cues and brisk cold winds can be altogether avoided. 

This countdown to Christmas has seen, at least for the cryptocurrency market, a bullish season was, minus a few dips here and there, it’s been fruitful overall. 

Especially for the likes of HUH Token with a, at the time of writing, 172million market cap and Dogecoin surges once again as Elon Musk released a Tesla update.

You might even consider gifting crypto this year… but what should you know about HUH Token and Dogecoin before you consider buying cryptocurrencies? 

Turner and Hooch – Elon Musk Edition 

This week Elon Musk announced that it could be possible to buy Tesla merchandise with Dogecoin which saw the dog-faced cryptocurrency rise an astonishing 20%.

Though it’s no surprise that such news would cause the cryptocurrency to skyrocket, for it has long been one of the cryptocurrencies on the market, that benefits from Elon Musk’s interest in all things finance, but especially crypto.

One of the few currencies to receive a special mention on SNL, Dogecoin, has definitely received a fairy-god-father in Elon Musk, though Elon is simply testing the ability to purchase Tesla merchandise and is reportedly ‘seeing how it goes’. 

Though that was all Dogecoin needed to rack an amazing 20% increase, and it seems that Doge might just have been the passenger, next to Starman, in the Tesla Roadster from the Falcon Heavy test flight in 2018.

This might just have recovered Dogecoin from its 2021 dip from above 74 cents in May and could demonstrate a healthier future for the once entitled ‘joke currency’. 

Dogecoin might just be the space-dog gift of dreams this crypto Christmas. 

You can find more out about Dogecoin by completing your own research either through their socials or through so googling… but it’s always best to do this before becoming a holder of any cryptocurrency. 

HUH, 172million Market Cap?

You might be wondering what a market cap is and it simply means the total value of a cryptocurrency… so, in just a little over a week since launch (December 6th) HUH Token has a 172 million market cap! 

That’s some pretty good going for a newcomer on the cryptocurrency market. Not only this, but HUH Token managed a 100% increase from the recent market dip, over 11,000 holders with the aims of amassing 1 million in around 3 three months and burned $1million worth of their own tokens to increase the value of HUH Token for its holders (Wednesday 15th December).

HUH Token has smashed glass ceiling after glass ceiling and might just be seeing the kind of benefits that the likes of Dogecoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu have seen. 

It seems that the unique referral system where a holder is given a code, that can be used by as many people as they like, gives the holder a 10% BNB bonus for the first deposit of the referred and the referred receives a 10% sales fee reduction, has been a tremendous success. 

Something that you could benefit from as well if the utimeme transpires to be your gift of choice. 

HUH Token is amongst some of the most popular tokens on Pancakeswap, Poocoin,, and BitForex to name a few and it appears to be growing exponentially in such a short time period. 

If you’d like to get involved with HUH Token, you can do this by clicking the links below, once your own research is complete of course, or by googling the cryptocurrency as well.

For more on HUH Token:

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