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HubbleBIT is a new cryptocurrency broker that allows users to trade any combination of currencies to profit from price swings. And while the company’s primary focus is on its crypto service, it also holds other assets, boosting its adaptability.

This forex platform provides a wide range of currency pairs, making forex trading accessible to anyone, which I liked the most. Another excellent feature is that they provide competitive spreads and clever trading tools to assist traders in making the most of their trades. The customer service of this platform is outstanding, and they have a great educational facility for individuals interested in learning more about Foreign exchange trading.

The platform strives to be a digital brokerage that gives traders access to cutting-edge trading tools. The idea of this company is to make trading more effective while also making it more accessible. That may be a difficult assignment, but the determination of the broker is impressive.

Please read my HubbleBIT reviews to learn more about their services and offerings.

My Experience

I utilized and explored this trading platform and am interested in sharing my experiences with you all in my HubbleBIT reviews.

After exploring various trading sites, I discovered that HubbleBIT was the most reputable and had excellent customer support. I’m glad I joined up for this investing scheme. It was a wonderful experience, and my account increased in profit.

They provided me with a specialized account manager. He helped me set up my profile and investing portfolio once I opened an account. He showed me how the platform operated and what kind of rewards I could expect.

Moreover, the broker is transparent about its pricing to its clients. It is critical for building trust since scammers sometimes suppress unfavorable facts. Overall, this platform gives the impression of a modern brokerage and is confident in its offerings. HubbitBit also appears to understand its customers and their needs.

Now that I’ve discussed my experience with you in this HubbleBIT reviews. Let’s proceed to features that define it as one of the finest available trading platforms.

Benefits of using HubbleBIT

The platform has various advantages, which I will discuss in this HubbleBIT Reviews. Following are the features I found this platform to be great. I’ll use examples from my experience to make you understand the features and services.

• Trading platform

The trading platform is the first and most crucial component I will discuss in my HubbleBIT reviews. It is a high-tech proprietary platform with accessibility as its primary feature. Furthermore, the program is analytically functional and assists traders in carrying out their trading methods.
The platform has a simple design that I understand and operate without difficulty. The interface is practical and user-friendly, and all of the features and tools I require are easily accessible.

I find the news feed to be quite helpful in keeping up with the newest innovation in Forex trading. On the initial page of the platform, there is a sliding bar that I find extremely interesting and helpful. It provided me with a brief glimpse of all the essential information, such as current account balance, profit and loss, equity, and so on.

• Registration

I found the registration process very straightforward since all I had to do was click the sign-up button. It didn’t even lead me to another screen; I only entered some basic information. That made the process quick and easy. It also does an excellent job of not scaring me with excessive registration procedures.

• Trading accounts

In my HubbleBIT reviews, I’d like to point out that providing customers with several accounts is a great move. And this forex platform does an excellent job of achieving that. Each account addresses traders with varying budgets. The lowest account, $2,500, is a reasonable option, but if you desire quality, you can invest more. The website offers five distinct accounts: trail, silver, gold, platinum, and signature.

I started trading with their free trial account, and they gave excellent help. This platform is for those traders who wish to make money in Forex without having to deal with any complications since it is a one-stop solution for all professional needs.

I also used their gold account, which provided me with 1-to-1 basic training, a Personal account manager, Trading signals (limited), a learning center (basic), a minimum trading size of 0.01 lots, a maximum trading size of 100 lots, and 10 Signals/month from the VIP Desk.

This platform provides a range of accounts for various traders, which is amazing. The other four accounts provide fantastic perks, such as no withdrawal costs, low trading fees, a complete education center, daily signals from the VIP Desk, private banking, a personal VIP account manager, and much more.

• Security

When selecting a brokerage, safety is a priority for more traders, and this is especially true for the cryptocurrency market. Fortunately, this broker does not appear to be one of those dishonest brokerage firms. The company has several qualities demonstrating its reliability and strict international security measures. This company’s information was transparent to me. I discovered that the broker employed encryption and accounts password hashes.

Also, this company operates from Switzerland, which is significant because geography may reveal a lot about brokers, as all brokerages must follow local laws to give better security.

• Deposit and withdrawal

I found that this broker offers competitive prices on all account categories. The pricing improved as I continued. That’s not to argue it’s unfair to people who create new accounts, but it rewards loyalty. Furthermore, because the spreads are tight and swift, execution avoids slippage, which provided me with a transparent trading experience.

Funding is similar, with the broker doing all possible to accommodate a wide range of traders. Various kinds of deposit and withdrawal methods are available. I found the entire procedure to be quick, which allowed me to access my hard-earned money sooner. It also led me to faster market performance since I needed to top up my account rapidly to increase my earnings. I appreciate their business model since they are very upfront and offer incredibly competitive rates that are not available from other online Forex brokers.

• Payment Methods

This forex platform allows a variety of payment options, including Visa, NASDAQ, MasterCard, Qiwi Wallet, and many more. I used Visa for my payment which was more convenient for me. This feature can help different traders to adopt different payment methods at their convenience.

• Customer service

I’ve had a positive experience with customer support, which is why I’d want to discuss it in my HubbleBIT reviews. As I contacted them, I found out that it has a very adaptable customer service, with various phone lines that make it simpler to reach the broker. They are also bilingual and situated in different countries, making the broker much easier to contact than most.

The service staff of this platform is ready to serve its customers Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:00 GMT.

• Account manager

HubbleBIT understands the value of individual service. Account managers are available to assist users of gold, platinum, and signature accounts. They can guarantee their success inside the company. When I signed up with the platform and used their gold account, they provided an account manager to ensure I received complete guidance. The account manager helped me a lot during my trading journey with this broker.

Drawbacks of using HubbleBIT

Following in the HubbleBIT reviews are some of the inconveniences I experienced, and this broker platform has to work on them. During my trading experience with this platform, I found these things challenging.

• PayPal

PayPal is a widely trusted online payment network that makes it easier and safer to pay for items and move money online. I also like PayPal because of its efficient features. Unfortunately, this broker platform does not support PayPal as a payment method.

• No Mobile app

I want to add this to the drawbacks of my HubbleBIT reviews. Because this platform lacks a mobile app, it was inconvenient for me when I was traveling. HubbleBIT, in my opinion, should create an app to make trading easier for its customers. I wanted to utilize this platform while traveling internationally, which was challenging because there was no mobile app available. I like the site and find it easy to use on my smartphone. However, an app would make things easier.


This HubbleBIT reviews clearly show my positive and negative opinions about the company. The broker undertakes a variety of things to improve the experience of crypto broker consumers. This broker platform achieved security, service quality, and general comfort. It promotes it as a customer-focused enterprise, which is always a plus.

Overall, I’m pleased with HubbleBIT and believe it’s an excellent platform for anyone interested in forex trading. They offer an attractive platform design, outstanding customer support, and no commission trading. They have a few things to work on, but I’m confident they will soon find the best possible solutions for those. Thank you for reading my HubbleBIT reviews.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience and knowledge, and it is not intended to be a recommendation.

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