Huawei Sound Joy Review with Best Features 

Chinese entrepreneur and engineer Ren Zhengfei is the founder and CEO of Huawei. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, electronics and, smart devices. it is the 2nd largest manufacturer of smartphones.

The giant portfolio of Huawei has a history of partnerships with established brands for customers’ products. It started from the collaboration with South Korean eye-wear maker Gentle monster. They collaborated to make smart sunglasses.

The latest collaboration is with a French company named Devialet.  Devialet makes audio equipment. This collaborative product they made is Huawei sound joy.



Huawei sound joy is portable. It means you can carry them easily with you everywhere. You can put that extra portable design in your cycle bottle cage, backpack, and bottle holder of the car.

Design and colors:

The quality and looks go hand in hand. Huawei sound joy has a soft woven cover, which gives it a classy look. This design also helps to protect from all the outdoor excursions. It has five big buttons on its surface. It is available in two beautiful colors Obsidian Black and Spruce Green.

Easy to carry:

Portable and stylish Huawei sound joy have the circumference same as the water bottle. This is the reason why we can put it into the bottle holder place of car and bicycles. That also makes it easy to carry.

Rings on Huawei sound joy:

Want to have a good music experience that sounds and also looks good and gives a luxurious look. This device fulfills both of these requirements.

To track the battery level see the glow flow on the Huawei sound joy by seeing the fullness of the ring. In the same way, you can check the volume level. The ring lightens up with the music tunes in multicolor.


Come back from a party and have your portable musical device with you and it’s raining outside. Ops that will surely damage your device. It may not even work anymore and you have o buy another one. But not with Huawei sound joy because it is waterproofed, it can stay protected in up to 1 meter of water.

You surely want to spend your hard-earned money on something worth it. So it is completely ok to say they are very reliable and worth it.

Devialet’s SAM:

Sound joy has Devialet’s two-way speaker system. This means that Devialet’s SAM (speaker active matching) technology aligns the signals and acoustic output pressure. This makes your musical journey more mesmerizing.

Longer music experience:

Going for a long drive or having a long day out with your friends on which you want non-stop loud music. Then, this device is worth it. It has a long-lasting battery of 8,800 mAh battery. Which keeps the Huawei sound joy playing with a one-time charge for 26 hours non-stop, connected with Bluetooth.

So you can enjoy a good day out or any event uninterrupted.

40 W Fast charging:

Want to enjoy an event but forgot to charge your device. Oh No! Now you have to wait for hours to get it charged before you can use it. That type of charging surely will spoil your events, fun, and a particular moment. Everything you purchased with your hard-earned money. You want it to be the money well spent.

By purchasing Huawei sounds joy you don’t have to wait for hours to get it charged before you can use it. It takes 10 minutes to get charged. Yes, it is super-fast. So that means no more fun, event and moment spoiled, and the money well spent.

Stereo sound:

You can connect two sound joy devices by simply shaking them. So what are you waiting for? Boast your music experience with Huawei sound joy.

Instant connection:

Get your mobile or laptop close to the device. It will automatically connect your device with it. To confirm connecting you just have to click ok on the window that popups on your mobile or laptop. Let the fun begin instantly.

Control watch:

Get your Huawei control watch and control the sound, skip the tracks with it more easily and fast.

Some Specification:

  •       It has 3 mics. G sensor is used to switch between 2 horizontal and vertical sound pickup microphones
  •       This device doesn’t support iOS devices. It supports android version 5.1 and later. HUAWEI AI Life APP supports HarmonyOS 2 (or later)
  •       It supports NFC one-touch transfer by the android version of 5.1 and above that support NFC
  •       It has 6 buttons on it. Power, voice, play and, pause, Bluetooth, stereo, and, volume key.
  •       It has a height, width and, weight of 202 mm, 73 mm and, 680 g respectively.
  •       The packing will include one USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable. Quick start guide and warranty card and of course the device itself.
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