HR technology: what it is and why your business needs it


HR technology is a term that is flung around these days. Your current HR department may already have an HR system in place, or multiple platforms that they use to manage employees, handle payroll, and oversee the recruitment and onboarding processes.

Interestingly, the latest HR technology does all this, and so much more. By using Cloud HR Software like this, you can evolve the way your HR department manages its daily tasks, help them focus on succession planning and put the spotlight back on attracting the best talent to your business. And the greatest part? It’s all from one cloud-based application.

Let’s take a look at HR technology in more detail and why your business needs it.  

Improving payroll management

The latest HR technology doesn’t just ensure you have the decimal point in the right place, it keeps you and your business compliant. Payroll management via a cloud-based HR software solution means fewer mistakes as it simplifies the payment process to ensure clarity and accuracy, whether you’re paying your employees, calculating sick pay or determining the cost of a specific contract. Fewer mistakes and automated processes mean your business remains on the right side of the law, and your HR reps have more time to dedicate to other matters.

Self-service capabilities

HR technology means that your HR reps can focus on primary concerns, and time-consuming administrative tasks are handed to your other employees to manage. The latest HR technology includes self-service capabilities, where employees are in control of their own personalised dashboard. This gives them the autonomy to request annual leave, register their sick days and even view their performance based on their latest appraisal and training arrangement.

This kind of software doesn’t just relieve some of the pressure on your HR reps, the autonomy and independence that comes with these features can also minimise toxic work culture and even conquer workplace hierarchy by giving your other employees access and control over their role.

Employee development

HR software shouldn’t just be used to store your employee data, it should complement and actively support them through their personal development. Not only will cloud-based HR software allow your employees to take better control of their progress with e-learning and interactive development tools, but your HR staff will also take a more substantial role in their development. Thanks to performance management features, you’ll be able to track behaviour, attendance and recognise opportunities for training and growth for each employee.

Remote working

These days, more businesses than ever before are embracing a remote work culture, hiring individuals and maintaining teams from across the globe. In order for HR to maintain their responsibilities to your employees, they need the right tools to collaborate with other HR reps and to share applications with employees. These days, we can’t simply visit the HR department anymore, your HR team needs the right technology to carry out their obligations no matter where they’re based and a cloud-based HR system will help them achieve this.

Final thoughts…

HR software isn’t just for large corporations, even SMEs will benefit from this implementation. Update your HR department as soon as possible to reap the benefits of the latest HR technology. 

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