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How Zoe Abbott is Educating Individuals and Families About Their Finances

Zoe Abbott

Many families have a problem with their finances. This reality has been partly due to the current economic hardships, poverty, and financial distress, among other factors. The lack of knowledge on family finances has crippled many sectors and the functioning of families. For example, parenting has faced immense challenges as a result of a lack of family financial education. 

Zoe Abbott works in the Financial Services industry. She is helping individuals and families become educated about their finances and enables them to make decisions about what is happening with their money. Her goal is to empower them to live their whole life in the present while securing their financial future. She has helped thousands of families all over the United States. But where did it all begin?

The Come Up

When Zoe hit 14 years old, she started working in the non-profit sector. That was around the same time that she was completing her education. For ten years Zoe worked with thousands of people, helping them with communication skills, relationships, trauma, and spiritual growth. This background of thousands of hours of one-on-one counseling gave Zoe a unique perspective in helping her clients get over the emotional barriers associated with finances. 

The birth of Zoe’s daughter came with new decisions. It marked the start of Zoe’s career as a Financial consultant. She transitioned from her non-profit position and started a business. However, Zoe faced immense challenges. She had no money to fund her business. Additionally, Zoe had zero education in the Financial Services industry.  

Zoe had to be creative, so she began her business in her grandmother’s living room. Consequently, in exchange for the room, she would pay her grandmother’s cleaning lady every week. Within the first year of her business, Zoe had made over $100,000. She has doubled her income every year since. 

Helping Families

Zoe approaches finances with an abundance mindset. With her background in counseling, she helps her clients through the emotional side of managing money and getting them to expand their thinking to allow for growth rather than cutbacks. She saw that her ability would help people get to the point of feeling happy about their finances. 

Zoe’s business helps families in two ways. First, Zoe’s team of agents, together with her, work one on one with individuals and families to get them financially stable, secure, and happy about their finances while creating stability through life insurance. Secondly, she mentors individuals on financial services so they can start their own financial services companies. 


Today, Zoe owns a company that helps people feel happy about their money. She is the founder of a Financial Planning software company called MyFinanceTools. She has set herself up to follow her passions and has a vision of training 1,000 Financial Services Agents and, through that, help 100,000 families. Zoe advises everyone who wants to step foot in the industry to believe in themselves and their abilities, stay disciplined, consistent, and true to their goals. 

You can connect with Zoe Abbott here.

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