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How YouTube Views Have Dried Up For Smalltime YouTubers?

YouTube was started on 2005. YouTube –The Second Most Popular Social Media Platform. Platform in the last 14-15 years has seen outstanding growth. It is now considered the de-facto platform for watching videos across the globe. Not only google but the content creators were an equal & important partner for this growth. When YouTube video creators started making tons of money is when a large group of people started realizing the potential to make money out of this platform. YouTube wanted good content to grow and content creators gave what it wanted.
Then came the explosion of video creators. Not only did the number of YouTube video creators grow, but the number of videos churning out also grew exponentially as well. Currently, as I write the statistics stand at:

  • Total Number of Monthly Active YouTube Users: ~1 Billion
  • Number of Videos Watched Per Day: ~1 Billion
  • Total Number of Daily Active YouTube Users: ~30 million
  • Average Mobile Viewing Session: 40 minutes
  • Hours of Videos uploaded per minute: ~500

Due to the explosion of new videos created per day across the world, time and again the small-time YouTubers find themselves buried under tons of videos with absolutely no views coming their way. As every YouTuber is trying to grab the attention of the viewer’s community, it is really heartening to see upcoming YouTubers suffer the most because of last of funding, infrastructure, marketing budget, SEO tools, etc. This is where the big-time YouTubers or most established YouTubers enjoy their clout to push their video up the list and bury the rest, with their money, and promotional spending. This makes it a one-sided fight with upcoming YouTubers having absolutely no chance of winning this battle. one or two do win this battle, but the ratio of success is too meagre that they are even considered lucky ones!

Small-time YouTubers have other free social channels to promote their work. To name a few- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. But these channels have become a dump yard and more or less the YouTubers get banned due to excessive promotion or even tagged as spammers. This is where community like Trinding, and helps promote upcoming YouTubers and help get real YouTube views. Seasoned YouTubers have restricted entry here! It is a platform dedicated to small-time YouTubers only. Probably because the promoter himself was a YouTuber and would have gone through the same pain that the rest of the world is going through! This platform helps get the right kind of attention that is required for the YouTubers so that they get a fair chance in the fight!

YouTube External Traffic Sources Review – Drummitup Vs Reddit Vs Sharree Vs TrindingHere is a comprehensive review video by an independent reviewer, who compares various social channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit for Youtube Video Promotion and organic views generated by each of this social platforms. Any guesses who the winner could be?

Surprisingly, Drummitup wins hands down compared to all the other social channels like Reddit, Sharree & Trinding when it comes to YouTube promotion and getting organic views.

They attribute their success to a unique “view & social share model”. Your video gets shared by other YouTubers on their social channel. And this expands your social circle, which in turn improves the probability of your video getting reshared, and exponentially improves your chances to get more organic views!  There have been many instances where the videos have gone viral because of video share model.

Hope upcoming YouTubers are able to make use of this ever-growing community of upcoming YouTubers for their video promotional activity.

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