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How You Can Proactively Protect Your Business

Protect Your Business

As a business owner, you want to keep your business protected. Safeguard your livelihood and get proactive. Put the right methods in place now before you have an issue, and keep fraud or theft from slowing you down.

Employee safety

Once an employee is on-board and up to speed on the way your business works, don’t stop there. Human error is the number one cause of data breaches, according to multiple studies cited by the Wall Street Journal. Continuously educate employees about the latest technology and how to keep themselves, customers, and your business info safe. 

Minimize the human error risk factor by continuously making employees aware of new data phishing schemes or the proper handling of customer financial information during transactions. If an employee quits, retires, or moves on, change any passwords and login information immediately to prevent a potential loss of info. 

Electronic security

Personal documents, business paperwork, and financial statements might live online, but are you doing your part to protect them? Online thieves search for ways to access your business data, even in a small business. While 48 percent of small businesses believe themselves to be too small to be the target of online fraud, according to an Emailage report cited by Small Business Trends, the millions of dollars of loss affecting small businesses each year reveals otherwise. 

Invest in a total privacy and online security package to keep business and employee info locked down. LifeLock comes with Norton 360 for real-time threat protection and bank-grade encryption. The password manager function takes the stress out of storing and remembering passwords, while back-up storage keeps all your important files out of harm’s way in case of ransomware or device theft. 

Security alarms

Smoke alarms can save your business from going up in flames. Ensure all fire extinguishers are routinely checked, so in the event of a real emergency, everyone will be ready for action. Train employees in how to use the fire extinguisher, but don’t stop there. 

Security alarms scare away thieves. Deter break-ins with systems that make sense for your business. Choose among options like broken glass alarms to door or window sensors, and motion detection to make thieves reconsider a visit to your business. 

Security camera

You can’t stop what you can’t see. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Global Fraud Study revealed that a typical business loses roughly five percent of income each year due to fraud. Security cameras strategically placed in and around a brick and mortar business can thwart crime and deter employees from dipping into the company cash register. 

Place cameras in key areas, like the stock or supply room, to keep an eye on your assets. Set cameras up in the parking lot, alleyways, or rear exits. Employees and customers often think twice about committing a crime in your business when faced with a security camera. 

Protect your business

Don’t wait. Prevent loss and theft from happening to you by taking action today to keep your business safe from theft and disaster. Keep educating your employees. Invest in a comprehensive privacy and security package to protect your sensitive information and conveniently backup your data. Install security alarms and cameras so you won’t miss a moment. Be proactive about your businesses’ security and there’s a better chance you won’t pay the price later. 

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