How You Can Benefit From OKLG’s Features

Be prepared to embark on the most rewarding journey of your life with the rebranded OKLG. OKLG is set to revolutionize the world for good using decentralization, community, utility, meme, and culture. You’re welcome to be part of this adventure.

With its core values of ethics, honesty, and quality, holders of OKLG tokens may be assured of the finest utilities, incentives, token long-term sustainability.

(OKLG launches news features periodically)

Here are some of the features of the OKLG that you should leverage:

  • Alpha-as-a-Service (AaaS)

If you’re looking to step up your trading or investment, Alpha-as-a-Service (AaaS) is just what you need. As a holder of at least 30 M $OKLG tokens, you can enhance your journey as a trader and investor. It is a service that alerts and keeps you informed of new contracts set up on  $ETH and $BNB blockchains. You will also know when to buy the tokens of other projects with the timeous alerts sent when liquidity is added. Moreover, the interface is very user-friendly.

One of the most exciting aspects of crypto is witnessing your position increase by 5–100x. AaaS plays a major role by assisting you to quickly find projects to take positions in. These early positions established can increase your chances of making it big. The honeypot identification function, a one-of-a-kind tool, was recently introduced to AaaS by its founders, who had a genuine desire to make the crypto world more credible and authentic.

Honeypot contracts restrict users from selling their tokens, even if liquidity is available. This is geared towards preventing rugging which is characteristic of small-cap projects. You may also use the honeypot detection feature to see if a contract is fraudulent or not. It accomplishes this by modeling a purchase and providing feedback on its legitimacy.

Needless to say, AaaS is just one value-packed service of the numerous services available on OKLG with plans to include more. Consequently, these services will keep adding buy-pressure and expand the $OKLG’s offerings. Many people think about AaaS as a follow-up to DexTools Live NewPairs. This misunderstanding is reasonable, and we’d want to clarify that AaaS is now in V1. It’s only the beginning. AaaS has a lot of potential in the immediate and long term.

  • Ingenious Tokenomics

OKLG has always placed a strong value on incentives. Thanks to its well-laid tokenomics, token holders can earn passive income and get rewards. To loyal OKLG holders, OKLG gives a 2% reflection/redistribution of every buy/sell order. The passive income automatically earned over time will accrue, resulting in huge profits. OKLG holders are also entitled to rewards of the native token (2% BNB/ETH) which they can redeem every 12 hrs after buying/selling/transferring OKLG.

The OKLG Team is also generous to its users. Unlike other platforms that collect taxes from their holders whenever wallet-to-wallet transfers are made, wallet transfers with OKLG are completely free. Taxes are only taken out on buys/sells. This way, holders can save more while performing numerous transactions.

  • Ok.Let’s.Ape. NFT 

The ok.let’s.ape. NFT collection is a vital part of the ok.let’s.go. ecosystem, providing utility and incentives. This platform will enable users to mint NFTs and sell and purchase them. It affords you, as an NFT holder, the opportunity to access the OKLG products and services at a discount or even for free. Ultimately, members will all become NFT holders with increased $ETH and $BNB rewards.

  • Decentralized Apps

OKLG has a suite of Dapps that provide clients with a variety of services. These dApps are primarily intended to lower the entry barrier for crypto projects. They provide cost-effective, efficient, and dependable services to help initiatives grow and become more visible.

Some of these dApps are;

Airdrop is a common occurrence in the crypto world and particularly for upcoming projects, it’s a necessity for the general public’s visibility.

OKLG provides you with a cheap and seamless timesaving method for airdropping tokens to your community. 

This tool creates staking programs easily and within a shorter time. Farming as a service option enables project owners to give holders a simple, user-friendly method of getting rewarded for HODLing their tokens. What’s more, it supports ERC-20 and NFTs/ERC-721 tokens, and you can pay in your preferred token.

With OKLGs Atomic Swap as Service, holders in chain projects now have the option of the simple 1-to-1 swapping feature. This means that you, as a holder, can swap your token across the different chains.

The OKLG platform makes it easy to set up the bridge contract necessary to facilitate this coin swap. A few easy clicks and you are done with your coin swap.

Password management is now totally decentralized with this version of password manager that allows you to store your online account details on-chain. The chain is not controlled by anyone but is encrypted with military-grade, standardized AES-256 bit encryption, which means that only authorized access is granted to your information.

This collection of dApps focus on practical usage scenarios. Furthermore, because of their easy user interface, any individual may use them without assistance, making crypto more accessible to businesses and mainstream customers alike.


Generally speaking, $OKLG brings token holders on the journey of reducing obstacles for projects allowing them to start and flourish. As a holder, you’re rewarded with every partnership they establish, every transaction made and for owning NFTs. The implementation of entirely new, dynamic features on its contract is undoubtedly a game-changer in the crypto world.

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