The world of cryptocurrency trading on a daily basis keeps evolving, its different segments keep experiencing different phases of development and all inkling points to the fact that this evolution will continue with no hope of slowing down soon. Decentralized exchange (DEX) is a field of cryptocurrency trading that plays a crucial role to its daily existence and that’s why there’s availability of various platforms via which such transactions can take place  and one of such platform is the DAO Decentralized Exchange (DDEX).

Introducing DAO Decentralized Exchange (DDEX)

DDEX is a cross-chain decentralized transactions clearing & settlement platform operated by a global community, which supports better cross-chain crypto-assets circulation and management on BSC & HECO ecology, and decentralized transactions and settlement between wallets. Through high compatibility of ecological environment and the ability to trade, DDEX provides users of the entire platform with a wealth of cryptocurrency investment channels such as decentralized trading, liquidity mining and transaction mining. In addition, the final governance and benefits of the platform are returned to users by means of invitation incentive, holders airdrops, repurchase and token destruction, and operation governance. It has joined forces with BSC & HECO and will benefit from greater growth space in the future as DDEX DAO expansion, economic model updates and the number rise of the TOKEN pool.

DDEX is a platform built on the Ethereum layer2, Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Ecological Chain (hereinafter referred to as BSC & Heco). By integrating automatic market-making (AMM), community autonomy (DAO) and multi-way mining (liquidity mining/trading mining/invitation mining/governance mining), it brings forth a new tokenomics. In doing so, it aims to promote the automatic swap of all high-quality digital assets on the BSC & HECO and to provide users with a more secure, reliable and cost-efficient trading experience with more diverse assets through the automatic liquidity added on the BSC & HECO. Greater transaction activity can create more value for users, and at the same time bring clustering effects and ecological prosperity. As a fully functional DEX, it combines the advantages of low transaction fees featured with BSC & HECO and the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem so that it becomes compatible with not only Ethereum but also other various smart contracts including HRC 20.

Occupying a Place in The Field of Decentralized Exchange

The congestion of Ethereum has led to a sharp increase in the cost of participating in decentralized finance (DeFi). Dozens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars are spent whether to engage in mining, trading, lending and borrowing, or financial management. Furthermore, the rise of ETH price and DeFi protocols has led to ever fierce competition over block space in Ethereum. All these challenges can not be solved in the short term, thus creating a perfect entry for DDEX and ultimately its occupancy of a place in the field of decentralized exchange (DEX).

The constant existence of DDEX in the field of decentralized exchange is secured by the amazing features it possesses; transactions are carried out on the chain, it supports decentralized digital currency transactions, liquidity mining, platform token staking for dividends, etc. DDEX is completely decentralized. Instead of other trading users, users trade with the token pool, and there is an automatic market-making model to calculate the transaction price. AMM is one of the most distinct characteristics of DDEX. It brings everyone’s liquidity together and then makes a market through the algorithm. It is essentially an algorithm-based automatic market-making service, which can provide unlimited liquidity and allow large orders. Users do not need to worry about liquidity pools being too small either. Unlike the ultra-high GAS fees on the Ethereum chain, the gas utilization rate of DDEX is relatively high, so the transaction fee is as low as $0.001. DDEX will also continue to be a player in the field of decentralized exchange with characteristics such as; high capital efficiency and low slippage, optimized temporary losses, multi-token exposure, and transaction fee distribution.

DDEX is a highly innovative DeFi project that combines the advantages of the current DEX on the market with the characteristics of tokens in the centralized exchange platforms. By taking advantage of the rapid development and ecological prosperity of BSC and HECO & ETH, it has enabled great imagination space and growth potential. DDEX is also continuously working on improving the design and implementation, including how to attract more external assets, innovating more DeFi business models, etc.

With all of the aforementioned merits, it is safe to conclude that DDEX is a truly decentralized and highly effective crypto-assets management platform across different chain ecologies. Therefore, in general, the motivation for traders to use DDEX comes from transparent and decentralized trading methods, high returns from early project participation, and arbitrage opportunities from both on and off the chain.


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