How Wide is a 65-Inch TV

How Wide is a 65-Inch TV

Flat-screen TVs have become more accessible and cheaper than ever before. As screen size has increased, costs have dropped significantly.

The big TV market is basically a 55 flat screen. However, the 65 is the new favorite.

According to Statista, 11.7% of TV sales in 2019 are 65 sizes, an increase of 2.9% over the previous year. These figures are only going to increase as the cost of the display is reduced by 65%.

How wide is a 65 inch TV?

TV sizes vary between brands. Please take a look at some of the famous brands below and their 65-inch TV dimensions in inches. You can check our recommendations on the Best 65 Inch TV for watching sports.

So what do these measurements mean?

65 is a diagonal measurement of the screen. Earlier, flat-screen TVs were larger than diagonal screens because the TV’s bezel was larger. This was due to the old technology that required lighting in the basal area.

The latest TVs have LED backlighting or edge light. LED technology has dramatically reduced the size of the bezel to such an extent that in most modern TVs, it is barely noticeable.

Okay, so you have chosen a TV. The measurement of the display confirms that it will fit on your wall.

However, there are other things to consider before you decide.

65-Inches TV Viewing Distance

Modern 4K TVs have far more pixels than their full HD predecessors. They have about 88 million pixels, which is about x x4 that a 1080p TV can show.

That being said, as the pixel density is higher for 4K, you can sit close to the TV without blurring or distortion.

For a 65 ″ 4K display, you can sit 5-8 feet from the TV for maximum image quality. This is different from a full HS (1080p) TV, which will be between 8 – 13 feet due to the low pixel density.

Other Considerations

Of course, the second consideration is what will it look like? Large TV screens can dominate a room, especially when closed, leaving a large black rectangle on your wall!

A small room can benefit from a small TV that you can sit close to, giving you a consistent viewing experience without compromising the aesthetics of your room. Best 65 Inch TV is discussed by Bestpick.

Final Words:

A TV is measured diagonally on the screen. Therefore, the 65-inch TV screen is 57.25 inches wide. Most people think that it will be 65 inches wide but it is not.

Actually, it will be 65 inches on the diagonally. The actual width of the 65 inches tv will be 57.27 inches.

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