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How Wellness Communities Are Taking Healthy Living to the Next Level

Healthy living has become the need of the hour. With the pandemic disrupting the entire world, people are finally taking up a healthy lifestyle seriously. However, maintaining healthy living takes work. Many factors come into play, like the availability of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual wellness.


As a result, the concept of wellness communities has grown in popularity among urban residents. People are looking for settings that promote healthy living while lowering living costs. The demand for such homes has recently soared, particularly since the pandemic. As people become more concerned about their health, the global wellness market is expected to grow at a 5.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. Let’s take a closer look at how wellness communities are elevating healthy living.


What Are Wellness Communities?


Wellness communities are neighbourhoods or housing developments that prioritize healthy living. These communities often have amenities and programs in place to support the health and wellness of their residents. They include features such as:


  • Access to recreational facilities, such as fitness centres, swimming pools, and walking/biking trails
  • Community gardens and access to locally-grown, healthy food
  • Educational programs and events focused on health and wellness topics
  • Access to healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nutritionists, and trainers
  • Incentives or rewards for participating in wellness activities


Wellness communities aim to create a supportive environment that encourages healthy habits and lifestyles. They can be a great option for people looking to make positive changes in their health and wellness.


How Are Wellness Communities Promoting Healthy Living?


Wellness communities are important for healthy living because they provide a supportive and encouraging environment for individuals to make positive lifestyle changes. They can offer a variety of resources and support to help members achieve their wellness goals, such as fitness classes, nutrition guidance, stress-management techniques, and more.


Wellness communities can also provide a sense of belonging and connection to others committed to healthy lifestyles. These communities can be especially beneficial for those with a weak support system outside of the community. In addition, they can provide a valuable resource for those looking to improve their well-being and take their healthy living to the next level.




Wellness communities are an innovative way to promote healthy living and provide a supportive environment to make positive lifestyle changes. These communities often have access to recreational facilities, healthy food options, educational programs, and healthcare professionals. Overall, wellness communities are a potential option to make a lifestyle switch for good. 


HOMZ is a fully integrated real estate company aiming to build a statewide wellness-focused, affordable housing ecosystem. With over 200 years of combined real estate design and development experience, the National Housing Company is developing 50,000 wellness-focused Smart homes. The company is building these smart housing in 50 sustainable integrated communities across the United States in collaboration with 50 Cities.


HOMZ provides open areas for jogging, cycling, and Yoga, as well as sports arenas for multi-ball games. There are also indoor activities, outdoor gyms, toddler playgrounds, swimming pools, and NEXT GEN clubhouses. The neighbourhoods will have a natural feel with pet parks, the Miyawaki Forest, water features, and room for urban farming. As a result, HOMZ is indeed developing ideal wellness communities.

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