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How Website Design Can Set You Apart From Your Competitors


When looking into website design, it is important to prioritise user experience and site speed as these are the two major reasons that people may choose to click off the website and take their business elsewhere. In this article, we will be looking into a number of ways that website design can help to set you apart from your competitors. 

Makes Your Business Memorable 

One of the ways that design can help to set you apart from your competitors is that it makes your business memorable. Whether this is due to the user experience of your website or the overall colour theme, this can all contribute to you ranking higher than your competitors if optimised properly. By using Essex website developers, you cannot only have a site that looks great, but you can have a website that us stable with coding that is optimised for the best performance. 

Builds Trust With Potential Customers

Building trust with potential clients is also crucial in business as your online presence is the first impression you will give to your clients. By ensuring that this is as professional as possible you are then more likely to generate leads as a result. Loading times of your website are crucial during this time as recent studies have shown that potential customers click off if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load. Therefore, providing a fast running site with a modernised user experience will help to build trust with customers and lead to more conversions as a result. 

Include Testimonials 

By including testimonials on your site, you are able to further the level of trust between you and your target audience as they will see the past experiences of users. Whether this is on their own designated page, or placed at the bottom of the landing page, this can help to boost authority as well as increase the potential for the number of leads generated. Though it will take time for this to affect SEO and customer acquisition figures, it is beneficial to implement, particularly as your business grows as this will help to grow trust and add an element of professionalism to your website

Colour Theme 

The final way that you can set yourself apart from competitors is through your chosen colour theme. By opting for colours that perfectly complement one another, as well as stand out, you can capture the attention of your target audience with an elegant design. It is also important to look into the psychology of colours during the design stages as some colours can help to increase happiness and boost productivity which could be of a benefit to your website design. It may be worth choosing three colour options during this time as this can then be tested to find the best possible result.

Regardless of the design features that you decide to implement, you can be sure that you are one step ahead of your competitors all whilst beginning to drive sales in a long-term strategy. 

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