How VPN Affects Crypto Security

Along with optimism about increasing the level of safety in the crypto industry, there are many fears that are far from groundless. This year, hacker attacks have been repeatedly recorded. Although ways are being sought to secure online work with cryptocurrencies, traders still prefer to remain anonymous during transactions. Therefore, according to, it is almost impossible to do without the use of a specific crypto-VPN service.

VPNs Change Crypto Trading for Better

Traveling traders often utilize public Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet. Sadly, these public networks make it easier for hackers to access user devices and info. Specific encryption protocols make data about crypto transactions inaccessible and protected from cyber-attacks. Moreover, only the trader and the final recipient of the service have the data of the decryption keys. However, they can be seen by hackers if a trader uses public Wi-Fi. But you can save yourself using VPN. 

How VPNs Protect Crypto Traders

Even though the greatest risk correlated with cryptocurrency is the susceptibility of Internet exchanges to hackers, this is far from the only nuisance. Offline wallets are still very unreliable. Bitcoin addresses are still not anonymous enough, as are the addresses of new cryptocurrencies. In this case, the identification of the owner’s account is revealed by a simple comparison of IP. Using a VPN can considerably reduce the risk of these and other common crypto threats. As a result, nothing will disturb you from making money.

Advantages of Crypto-VPNs

Trading cryptocurrencies remains risky for many people, despite the continued success in the security field of online traders. Using a crypto VPN, you can get the anonymity of your transactions, trading operations, and account balances. This kind of VPN connection is similar to military-grade encryption, which makes it unlikely that a hacker or government agency will gain access to your information. Since fake exchanges and fraudulent ICOs are still common, it is extremely important to use a reliable crypto VPN that does not store logs and in no way compromises the trust of users.

Not All VPNs are Good

Even though there are countless good VPNs on the market, not all of them provide the proper level of safeguarding, speed, and performance that crypto traders demand. For example, CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN services used by traders. A large server network consists of more than 1,200 servers at more than 50 points and has a speed that is above average. The VPN also offers 256-bit encryption, a non-logged-in connection, malware protection, and highly effective adblocking.

Another very popular VPN service is NordVPN, known as one of the safest to use. NordVPN not only has one of the largest VPNs in terms of servers and locations but also supports up to six devices at a time. Nord uses dual VPN technology that routes your linkage through two independent servers, greatly enhancing security.

Carefully Weigh Your Choice

Unfortunately, there is no absolute security in the world, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies and online trading. Using a VPN during online trading can significantly reduce the risk that you will replenish the sad statistics of users who became victims of a leak of personal data and similar crimes.

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