How VersalNFT found new ways to create digital regulation.

The existing legal solutions for virtual space regulations are often flawed and disconnected. To allow everyone to work in a single legal environment and connect the existing systems in an efficient way, VersalNFT has set out to introduce a new way to protect digital ownership and legal documents.

VersalNFT is a blockchain-based virtual legal space that contains a multi-user interface for creating, storing, and managing data using NFT signatures. By means of generating an NFT token, users will be able to create their digital signature that records the creator’s name, time, and content, stored securely in the blockchain and protected from third-party access by the Unlock protocol.

Taking digital regulation to the next level. 

“You can create a signature both for business and personal uses”, says the VersalNFT team.

Today, in the times of rapid digitalization of businesses and the spread of online transactions, there is no solution to provide a legal base for contracts in the blockchain and NFT fields that would allow conflict resolution and would comply with international legal standards.

As a necessity for everyone, digital security requires a universal regularity space based on existing legal norms and full data security. VersalNFT’s mission is to create such a space and improve the existing connections in the digital world.

The platform allows collaboration on document drafting, document storage, and can be used by financial institutions and legal companies due to the project’s consistency with English law.

Another important field of application lies in NFT—Versal makes digital art objects’ copyright licensing accessible and secure for creators. In accordance with intellectual property laws, this allows one to fix their copyright for the NFT-token content. This feature has great potential in the rapidly growing NFT market.

The team strongly believes its work will benefit many industries, including individuals, legal companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, NFT marketplaces, real estate agencies, and many others.

VersalNFT has recently started to prepare for the Presale period which is set to start in the middle of January and further plans to get listed on exchanges in Q1, 2022. Negotiations with several platforms are underway to create strong partnerships for the further development of the project.

The team will also launch a mobile application in the upcoming year.

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