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How Validus Is Taking Network Marketing to the Digital Space

For most people, the term “network marketing” brings to mind in-person sales of products from Amway or Tupperware. And while these companies certainly continue to play a large role in the network marketing niche as a whole, in-person sales is no longer the only option for individuals and companies to participate in these activities.

One prime example of this is Validus, a Dubai-based company that has effectively brought network marketing and the idea of exclusivity associated with such brands to the digital space. The company’s unique business model has already seen significant success, and the brand is poised for even more tech-fueled growth in the future.

A Tech-Driven Twist On Network Marketing

Visit the Validus website and it quickly becomes apparent that technology is a driving force behind the company’s offerings — and for good reason. It is estimated that there are currently 6.8 billion smartphone users globally — roughly 85% of the world’s global population. That’s more than the number of people who have bank accounts, showcasing how in many cases, digital technology has become more important than traditional institutions.

With this mindset, the Validus platform appears to be entirely focused on providing experiences and resources that can be facilitated digitally. Indeed, much of the company’s emphasis is on providing education to those who are underserved by global financial institutions. 

With the ability for new members to quickly sign up online, the company gives itself the potential to reach individuals from around the world, regardless of their background or other factors that might prevent their ability to use more “traditional” opportunities.

What Does Validus Offer?

Validus members gain access to noteworthy features that are all made available digitally. First is access to V-Mastery, a partner learning platform that provides educational courses on a wide range of topics. These exclusive courses cover subjects such as business development, blockchain, Forex and other topics focused on personal and financial empowerment. 

By its nature of being offered digitally, one unique element of V-Mastery is that it gives participants the opportunity to connect with mentors and subject matter experts. The ability to gain personalized guidance toward individual goals is a unique feature facilitated by the company’s tech focus. Such connections allow individuals to connect with mentors and thought leaders from around the world without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

Another feature that makes Validus unique from other network marketing companies is its Vewards program. This rewards program allows members to automatically accumulate points each week, simply by being an active member. The points can be redeemed for additional membership tiers, which provide access to additional exclusive content. Points can also be gifted to other members. With a digital distribution model, this makes it easy for Validus members to manage their rewards profiles.

Finally, Validus’ digital approach also facilitates its V-Connect service. V-Connect allows Validus members to generate additional income by referring other people to join and building their own distributorship. The digital model has helped the company develop a more sustainable model that allows more members to earn and move up its leadership ranks, while easily keeping track of their own network and earnings.

One thing that makes Validus unique is the level of flexibility offered by its digital-first model. Members can sign up and then use their membership to exclusively access educational content from V-Mastery. Or they can focus entirely on networking through V-Connect. With an emphasis on individual choice in how members will use its resources, Validus seeks to follow through on its promises to empower its members and help them reach their personal and professional goals — no matter what those goals look like.

Generating Global Reach

With its emphasis on the digital space, Validus has been able to achieve rapid growth on a global scale. The company opened its international headquarters in Dubai in 2022, and within its first year of operation achieved $200 million in sales, growing from a pre-launch stage of 40,000 members in March of 2022 to over 500,000 members today.

Such growth can be attributed to both the ease of access facilitated by Validus’ emphasis on digital connections, as well as its aggressive focus on global growth. With VPs and strategic partners who specifically oversee global regions such as the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Oceania, the company is able to tailor its messaging and content to the specific needs and interests of individuals in these areas.

While still maintaining an air of exclusivity, this driven focus has helped Validus grow to hundreds of thousands of members during its relatively short period in operation. And the plans for growth and technology enhancement are only beginning. For 2023, Validus is planning additional product enhancements, including metaverse integration. By 2024, the company aims to reach the milestones of one million members and $1 billion in revenue.

These are lofty goals, to be sure, but based on its record breaking customer acquisition stats thus far and continued emphasis on technology, such milestones appear to be well within reach as Validus continues to transform the network marketing space.

Bringing Network Marketing to the Digital Age

Technology is driving many changes in the finance sector and elsewhere, with apps and online platforms proving to be viable startup ideas in an increasingly tech-driven society. Validus proves that even concepts like network marketing can be successfully adapted to make use of today’s technology — and leverage it to achieve massive results on a global scale.

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