How Valet Parking Automation Software Can Help Businesses

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When you run a valet parking business, there are a lot of details to pay attention to. You need to make sure that you have enough attendants, give customers tickets, keep track of their keys, and take payments. It can be challenging to accomplish all of these tasks by hand. Fortunately, you can use valet parking software to automate a lot of these processes. 

What Is Parking Automation Software?

Parking automation software offers tools for both desktop and mobile devices, and they help valet parking businesses make their operations more efficient. One of the tools they offer is payment automation. Customers interact with the valet business through digital tools. When they drop their cars off, they get a ticketless claim check, and the valet business can track their information, lot availability, and more. 

How Can Valet Software Automate Payments

One of the benefits to businesses that use valet software is that it simplifies the payment process. You can offer ticketless valet, and text the customer a virtual ticket. One option is that they can claim their car by text. The valet staff will receive an alert when the customer is ready to retrieve the vehicle. They can then pay by phone. 

Another possibility is to position kiosks where customers can pay for valet when they are ready to retrieve their cars. This is also a simple process, and the valet staff is notified when the customer is ready to pick up the vehicle. Automating payments, along with the other features of valet parking software, can benefit businesses by making them more efficient.

Automated Parking Software Improves Your Records

Keeping records is an important part of any valet business. Customers drop off cars constantly, and the valet attendants need to keep track of what cars are there, who they belong to, and where their keys are. Valet parking management software simplifies this process. 

First, it offers ticketless valet. Not only does this make it easier for everyone, but it leads to better record-keeping. You have a digital record of each car that parks. In addition, it simplifies the pickup and payment process. 

When customers want to retrieve their cars, they can text. They can pay and receive an alert when the car is ready. All of these interactions are recorded in the database, which improves the valet business records. Another benefit of an automated valet system is that you can automate the process of sending invoices to clients. For example, if your valet business provides services for a larger business that bills its clients directly and pays you, you will have excellent records that you can use to send out invoices.

How Parking Automation Software Benefits Valet Businesses

Parking automation software benefits valet businesses in several ways. First of all, the convenience alone makes it an excellent tool. 

In addition to ticketless valet, some valet automation systems can integrate with client payment systems, which makes it even easier to streamline payments. In this case, the valet parking fees can be added directly to the clients’ membership accounts. You can also offer self-service options for customers. This includes kiosks in lobbies where the customers can pay for their parking and request a car. It is also possible to integrate the software with a voice-activated system.


Another feature is that you can sync your system with customers’ mobile devices. They can use them in place of smartphones, which eliminates the need for tickets. The client can look up details, including the location of the car, the valet driver that is assigned to it, the fees, and more. As long as the phone has Internet access, the client can find all of the information needed. 

Other Benefits of This Software

In addition to automating payments, many ways using this software benefits a valet business. One feature is that valet businesses can protect themselves from invalid damage claims. The attendants can take photos of the car and record them with a time and date stamp, and if the customer tries to make a fraudulent claim later, they have records that it didn’t happen while the car was there. 

You can automate photos so that they record each car arriving and departing. This gives you a complete timeline for verification. 

Valet businesses can improve customer satisfaction by using this software. Customers love the convenience of having the ticket texted to them, and when they are ready for their car, it is easy to use the app. Having this software also improves customer satisfaction because it makes it easier for attendants to park and retrieve their cars more efficiently. It is simple for them to text to pay or head to a kiosk when they are ready to retrieve their cars. It also helps a valet business reduce

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