How Urban Genius Is Becoming a Machine for Urban Entertainment

How Urban Genius Is Becoming a Machine for Urban Entertainment

In a world caught in division and conflict, one entertainment development and production company is doing what it does best: bringing forth courageous entertainment that challenges preconceived notions and beliefs of urban lifestyles. The award-winning company, founded by CEO producer Jaron Marquis, is inspiring imaginations and reminding audiences of the humanity around them. Since its inception in 2014, Marquis has led his team in producing content that has generated over 100MM views online across various platforms, from unscripted docu-style content to stand-up comedy specials and feature films. We sat down with Jaron Marquis to learn more about Urban Genius, including its upcoming projects and his thoughts on the future of entertainment.

“We started Urban Genius to fill a gap in the marketplace for urban audiences telling universal stories with commercial appeal that both inspire and connect with audiences,” says Marquis. “We were also committed to empowering diverse stories to be told, so we made it our mission to bring thought-provoking stories from diverse and culturally relevant points of views. We are looking for the untold stories of the often ignored and underrepresented groups. We tapped into a real need in the creative community, and we have flourished ever since.”

At Urban Genius, Marquis and his team work with filmmakers, writers, and executives in the development and production of podcasts, television and digital streaming, film, music, branded content, video game design and development, and stand-up comedy production. One of its scripted projects includes the upcoming feature film comedy “Not Another Church Movie,” where Urban Genius served with production and the film’s original songs and is expected to be released in theaters later this year, as well as many other scripted and unscripted projects. Urban Genius has partnered with several investment funds and funding partners to structure financing opportunities for its development partners.

“Our goal is to entertain audiences and provoke meaningful conversations on a global level,” Marquis says. “Whether we are producing high-level talk comedies, fictional dramatic series, unfiltered comedic poetry, film scores, or branded content, we are helping audiences to embrace new ideas, laugh a little, and find some escape in life.”

Marquis, who has an extensive background in business development, marketing, and TV/film development and production, believes the internet has revealed a need for more innovative stories that challenge viewers around the world.

“We are seeing excellent opportunities for fresh voices in entertainment because the Internet has multiplied the number of potential platforms for projects,” he says. “It used to be that a new talent had very few options to get their work in front of audiences. That’s no longer the case. While it’s true that success does not come overnight, it is equally true that creatives are more in control of their careers today than they were in the past.”

Urban Genius has also partnered with Hype + Networks to create original content across its platforms. Marquis recently came on board as the director for the upcoming music video, “21 More Questions,” featuring recording artists Snoop Dogg, Dave East, and DJ Whoo Kid. 

“We have been working with film producer Quawntay ‘Bosco’ Adams for the music video for ’21 More Questions.’ This project will go along with the upcoming feature film entitled ‘Bosco,’”says Marquis. “We have also created a partnership with the urban comedy platform ‘Comedy Hype’ to produce more stand-up comedy specials after our success with comedian Pierre’s comedy special ‘Half-Truths.’ 2023 is really turning out to be a very strong year for us, and we are excited about the world-class level of talent we have been blessed to work with.”

Marquis invites filmmakers who are looking for global distribution to reach out to him at Urban Genius. “Remember to not let fear of failure stop you,” he advises. “We are all works in progress. Fear stops the majority of people from ever achieving anything worthwhile. Go ahead and fail as quickly as you can so that you can stop worrying about it and start doing what you were called to do: entertain and inspire.”

Urban Genius is an entertainment studio founded in 2014 by creative entrepreneur Jaron Marquis. Urban Genius procuces stories of universal themes that inspire and connect. Its full suite of entertainment production services include film and TV financing and production, music solutions, brand services, and distribution. For more information about Urban Genius, please see

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