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How Truck Tarps Can Improve Your Trucking Skills

Trucking tarp

If you want to brush up on your trucking skills, then it’s time to start using a tarp.  Driving down a highway for long periods of time can pose lots of challenges for truckers. A high quality tarp can make any trucker’s job ten times easier by offering a high-level of protection for their cargo. This flatbed device even keeps the roads and other drivers safe from harm. You wouldn’t want a huge speck of dirt landing dead smack on someone’s windshield. It could cause a fatal accident and leave you without a job. If you’re still not convinced you need a tarp for your flatbed truck, then read on to learn more about the many benefits of using a heavy-duty tarpaulin.

The Many Benefits Of Using Truck Tarps

Hauling materials back and forth means investing in safety. You may not think you need a tarp but you’d be wrong. The chances of protecting your cargo increase by tenfold when you use flatbed truck tarps. These cargo-control tools keep your load safe and sound from any type of threat. Also, they improve the functionality of your truck when traveling long-distances. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using truck tarps:

Enhance Cargo Protection

The main purpose of any heavy-duty tarp is to protect the product you’re hauling. They secure your load and reduce the chance of losing your cargo on the road. You should also choose a tarp that’ll provide you the most coverage and protection. If you’re transporting a mid-size car, you should consider the size of a tarp and decide whether or not it’ll properly protect that vehicle.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Another added benefit of using tarps is that it reduces air resistance and helps promote fuel efficiency. There’s no chance for air pockets to form or a drag to happen when using high quality tarps. Your truck’s engine won’t have to work as hard, especially when you accelerate. Flatbed truck tarps help your truck operate better and keep it running smoothly throughout the drive.  More importantly, they’ll get you to your destination on time.

Safety First

As previously noted, a truck tarpaulin also provides optimal security and safety for your cargo. Not only do they protect your materials but they also conceal them. Your cargo will remain hidden from the prying eyes of thieves. There aren’t a lot of ways to transport a billion dollar painting or a UFO artifact in secret, but it can certainly be made possible using a tarp.

Loading & Unloading Ease

Tarps are also easy to use during the loading and unloading process. When trucking, you must complete a job efficiently and with speed. In any case, you should choose tarps with eyelets that you easily apply and remove without a fuss. At the end of the day, you’re on a schedule and run a tight ship. The faster you can load and unload a tarp, the better chances are of you arriving at your destination on time.

They’re A Great Investment

A good quality tarp will last you for years to come. Another great benefit of using truck tarps is that they’re resistant to early signs of wear and tear. Given their durability and sturdy construction, they save you from wasting money on several replacements. Overtime, that could be costly and no one wants to go broke on truck supplies or filing insurance claims. Be sure to buy a high-quality tarp that’s spanking brand new so you can get more bang for your buck.

Weather Protection

Tarps are a go-to option for many truckers because their durable material allows them to withstand any type of inclement weather. Their heavy-duty polyester, canvas or vinyl fabric makes them pretty invincible. Not to mention, most of them are waterproof and even resistant to UV sun rays. It’s no wonder they last so long. If you’re traveling through a rainstorm or down a highway with tons of debris, you won’t have to worry about your tarps getting damaged.

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular High-Quality Tarp Materials Around

High Quality Tarps

There’s nothing better than choosing a trucking tarp that’s right for you. Say you’re working on a big home improvement project or transporting your RV to the nearest trail. For instances like these, it’s important to find the tarp with the right fabric. It may offer the best protection. Here are a few of the most common tarp materials found on the market:

1.Poly Tarp

One of the most popular tarps used in the trucking industry are Poly Tarps. These heavy-duty plastic polyethylene coverings can be used for temporary roof covers for house remodeling, construction job, and even camping. Given all of its uses, you’d think this tarp would be heavy and difficult to use. Not at all. Instead, the poly tarp fabric is very light weight and has a strong resistance to any kind of moisture, making it perfect for outdoor projects.

2.Canvas Tarp

Another kind of a truck tarp is the Canvas Tarps. They’re likely more expensive than the Poly Tarps but they come with a long-lasting guarantee that can’t be beat. A Canvas Tarp can be put through the ringer a couple of times and still come out looking brand new. They’re also made of durable plain-woven fabric, cotton or hemp and come flame-resistant.  That’s why construction workers and painting contractors use them on the job.

3.Vinyl Tarp

On the other hand, Vinyl tarps are often used to cover equipment, RVs, trucks and roof tops. These Flatbed truck tarps are made from ethylene molecules, making them way more expensive and durable than Poly Tarps. They can withstand any kind of inclement weather, such as a snow storm. They’re even resistant to mildew or any kind of mold, which makes them ideal for any outdoor job. It’s no wonder truckers love Vinyl Tarps.

4.PVC Tarp

A PVC Tarp comes waterproof certified and can protect your cargo from any kind of wet condition. It’s also UV and flame resistant. By using a PVC Tarp, you won’t have to worry about the early signs of wear and tear. These tarps can withstand the tough and gritty jobs like construction and agriculture. They’re often used as truck covers, equipment covers, and camping shelters. Additionally, industrial workers use them for welding curtains and floor covers, given their flexibility and resilience.

Trucking Tarps That Are In High Demand

Knowing the most popular trucking tarps on the market by heart will make you excel at your trucking. There’s several different types of tarps and they each offer their own set of uses. Let’s take a closer look at those tarps:
Truck on the Road

1.Lumber Tarps

Commonly used in the tree logging business, Lumber Tarps can handle some pretty hefty cargo. They may be lightweight but can protect bulky loads of timber and hay. Their end flap, PVC-coated sides and several D-rings offer optimal protection. Not to mention, they can hold up against hazardous road conditions and even inclement weather.

2.Parachute Tarps

Even the Parachute or Airbag Tarps can protect your cargo from any rain and hail storm. The interesting aspect of these tarps is that their top half is constructed out of waterproof vinyl and the sides are made of waterproof, parachute fabric. Like Lumber Tarps, they have several D-rings and offer numerous securement points.

3.Steel Tarps

Another commonly used tarp in the trucking industry are Steel Tarps. As their name indicates, they’re used to secure and protect steel or any type of metal cargo. Hence the reason why they’re often larger and rectangular in shape. These heavy-duty tarpaulins also feature flap panels that protect the edges of your metal cargo. Adding another layer of protection, they feature several D-rings and grommets.  Additionally, they stop moisture buildup in its tracks as well, keeping all materials safe from water damage.

4.Coil Tarps

If you’re a trucker that loves a lot of security for their metal coils, then you’ll love Coil Tarps. Their name also derives from the fact that they’re used to cover and protect metal coils.  Coil Tarps are also equipped with flaps at the base and slits that allow transport chains to pass through. Additionally, they can be used to protect cable coils.

5.Roll Tarps

On the other hand, Roll Tarps are often used on Dump Trucks. These types of tarpaulins help transport and secure loose material, such as gravel. They’re also great at protecting your cargo from external obstacles like bad weather, debris from the road and even harmful UV sun rays. Roll Tarps make sense for a trucker needing to haul difficult materials.

A Peace Of Mind

There’s a million and one reasons why you absolutely need to use truck tarps. The biggest benefit is that they offer optimal protection. As a trucker, you make a living from hauling products to and from destinations and across the globe. Using good quality tarps can give you the peace of mind you need during a long-haul.

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