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How to write fast? Web Editor Tips

You are a blogger and you write quality, attractive and optimized content for your site. You know that to seduce search engines, the publication of your texts must be done on a regular basis. Of course, your schedule is overloaded. Writing quickly is therefore a necessity for your business. You still have to write well! In fact, the writing speed is a very variable element. Being successful requires training, organization, concentration and creativity. So, if you want to understand how the pros write in an effective and inspired way, here are some good practices for web writing.

Practice writing fast

Work on your typing speed

Unsurprisingly, to write quickly, you have to know how to type quickly on the keyboard. If you’re looking for the letters or typing with your two middle fingers, you’ll find it difficult to be efficient. It is for this reason that the web editor has practiced tirelessly. His fingers glide over the keyboard without hesitation and fluidly. To improve your skills, you can train on the Agile Fingers site. You learn to position your fingers correctly on the keyboard and thus develop your dexterity. A must for anyone who wants to optimize their typing speed!

Improve your spelling to gain speed

If you spend time proofreading and correcting your mistakes, it deteriorates your productivity. To write quickly, it is therefore better to have an irreproachable spelling. Of course, there will always be some hesitation, but doing a minimum of shells really allows you to be faster. There are many tricks to stop making mistakes and professionals often use a good spell checker. To practice, the Voltaire project offers an online spelling training service. When a web editor obtains their certification, it is a guarantee of quality.

Write more and more

When you practice a sport, the more you practice, the better you perform. In writing, it’s the same principle: the more you practice writing, the more you are able to do it quickly and well. Writing every day, on various subjects, greatly improves its speed of execution. Establishing a writing routine helps to set up automatisms. The words come more easily, the optimal structure of an article appears more quickly, the texts are created more and more naturally. In other words, it is by practicing often and regularly that we improve.

Optimize the writing of your article

Know where we are going

To move forward quickly, you have to know where you are going and how to get there. If you are a blogger, keeping an editorial schedule over several weeks can help you. When we plan in advance on which topics we will write, this unconsciously allows us to let our ideas infuse. When ghostwriting agency attack the writing phase, the argument is already more or less in place. Finally, clarifying in your head your objectives for each publication allows you to go straight to the point. For the web editor, it is the briefing that fulfills this function, but it is not uncommon for his clients to leave him the field free with only the theme to exploit.

Settle in good conditions and stay focused

Settling in good conditions, without distraction, is the first stone to be laid to optimize your writing work. You still have to stay focused on the task at hand! Since the editor often writes, he knows what conditions are favorable to him. It’s up to you to find yours! Some prefer to do it in the morning in complete silence, while others are more effective in the evening listening to music. There are probably as many ways to “plug in” as there are people. Some practices are known to strengthen attention and can help with writing. Meditation, for example, develops the ability to focus on a task. Finally, to be really efficient, you have to think about taking breaks.

Document a little, a lot and know when to stop

Unless you know your subject completely, you’re going to have to do some research before writing your article. This phase can be time-consuming. Also, you can get lost on the web and drown in the information collected. Documentation is however not the purpose of your activity as a blogger. It is therefore necessary to limit this research time and quickly move on to the actual writing. To avoid falling into this trap, the web editor takes care to select only three or four reliable sources. Once his sources have been chosen, he immerses himself in them, establishes the structure of his article and begins to write without wasting time. Do the same!

Write a first draft in one go

If you’re familiar with content creation, you know that we usually want the text to be perfect the first time. We start to write, we reread each other as we go, we correct our turns of phrase regularly. However, nothing is more difficult than to obtain a perfect text the first time! Writing a first draft in one go, without stopping to reformulate it, on the contrary allows you to boost your speed of execution. Once this draft text is obtained, it is easier to go back and improve it.

Adopt the right mindset to write quickly

Dare to trust

As bizarre as it may seem, writing quickly also plays out in your head. If you ask an athlete in lack of confidence to pulverize a record, he has very little chance of succeeding. For you, blogger, it’s the same thing. Having confidence in your ability to be fast is paramount to success. But then, you will tell me, how to boost his confidence? How can you believe in your ability to write captivating texts in record time? For this, we remember our successes and we leave aside our dissatisfactions. Make a habit of cultivating positive thoughts, they build confidence.

Appeal to your intuition

When you write fast, you are often inspired. The structure of the article appears by itself and the words come by themselves. Only here, creativity is not always there. To pick up ideas, you can of course go see what others are doing or rely on optimization tools for keyword research. However, there is nothing like using common sense and intuition. Letting go is essential for this. Getting some fresh air, playing sports, immersing yourself in any other activity can unblock the writing process. Paradoxically, to write fast, you sometimes have to slow down…

If all these elements come together, writing can be done very naturally, smoothly, in automatic mode. If your speed of writing penalizes you, do not hesitate to call on a professional. You can build your team in five minutes thanks to Web.


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