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How to Write a Successful Big Data Research Paper

The academic research work is aimed at studying the topic, its research, conducting experiments, searching and analyzing the information, and finally summarizing and protecting the project. More information on what constitutes a research work, how to write and design it, can be found in the article below. And if you run out of time or just feel difficulties with a paper. you can ask professional research paper writers from AdvancedWriters, for example, to help you online. 

Research Activity

Research is a compulsory section of the educational program of students, as well as an important part of the training of future specialists. This is a type of educational and scientific activity that focuses on the professional practical training of the student. The researcher must be able to correctly use the information, logically build the text, apply terminology, express thoughts and draw conclusions.

The purpose of this work is the development of knowledge, scientific thinking, the development of new information and its consolidation, the acquisition of skills in scientific work. This is the ability to collect information, analyze it and isolate only the most important, find original ideas and solutions. In addition, doing such a project, the student develops the ability to set tasks and find quick optimal solutions.

The research part is the longest and most arduous part of writing an academic paper. However there are tools that you can use to help you in this process. An important tool which should be mentioned when discussing big data research papers is data extraction from other scholarly articles and academic papers. All respectable research work refers to other work that has been done before in its respective field. The ability to sift through voluminous research data to find what is most relevant for our purpose is really a blessing that technology has afforded us.

There are several classifications of online research works:

  • Fundamental view. The author receives theoretical knowledge, works with scientific data, finds patterns in the topic.
  • Applied view. New ways to solve scientific problems are found.

How to Write Research Papers

As soon as the student gets the assignment, he or she must immediately study it. And if questions arise, ask your advisor. The principles of writing are the following:

  • Choose a topic. It is essential that the topic is interesting for a student. In this case, he or she will be motivated to do the project. 
  • Statement of the problem. It is important to highlight specific concepts of the topic under study. You can consult with the teacher in advance about this.
  • Material search. This is the amount of information in a variety of forms, ranging from textbooks and scientific articles to electronic resources like magazines, case studies, etc. The final material on which the research work is to be presented should be done in electronic form, in a printed competently structured text with theorems and evidence, graphs, reports and the results of experiments.
  • Structure. In order to logically process and build research material, the student must follow the typical structure of such a project. It may vary in different universities. 

Topic Selection

Before the student’s work begins to be written, it is important to find a topic in which he will be interested and not difficult to understand. In some educational institutions, the topic is chosen by a student, while in others there is a free choice. 

To simplify the task of finding a topic yourself, follow a few basic rules:

  • Rely on existing research or related works by other authors and specialists. The usage of the experience of other predecessors as support and assistance is practically a necessary rule. Most often, it is the monographs of others and scientific works that are the prerequisites for a new activity.
  • Before you approve the topic, check the amount of information and materials that you can find. First, an extensive thematic field is selected. After this, the author studies the information and literature. And on the basis of this, it will be easier to specify the topic of the project.
  • It is important that the chosen topic has practical value and significance and is relevant in terms of issues in the field of science.
  • Another prerequisite is that the topic should match the goals of the educational direction of the student’s professional or general training.
  • In the end, after the selection, consult with a teacher who is knowledgeable in this area, so that he approves or disapproves the decision.


To outline a work plan, it’s worth starting with a draft version. In the process of making a draft version, the basic thoughts that will be introduced into the content will be understood. In general, adhere to the following research paper structure:

  • Title page. Here, you should give the information regarding the educational institution, discipline, topic, student and examiner.
  • Contents. On the second page, chapters, paragraphs, subparagraphs, and pages corresponding to each department are indicated.
  • Introduction. Here you should compose a brief excursion on the project, designation of the problem and its relevance, practical significance.
  • The main part. Here just write the full disclosure of the essence of the problem.
  • Conclusion. It is a concise summary of the material studied.
  • Bibliographic list. This is a list of literature, which should be written in alphabetical order.
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