How to Write a Book Report for Your College or University Homework?

College or University Homework

Book reports have been a part of your homework in the early days of education. However, as with other kinds of assignments, book reports in college or university are different from the ones you did before. Not only do the professors expect better standards, but they also ask you to approach the project differently.

Most students feel pressured about writing the book report and forget to enjoy the piece of literature they are writing about. That is why in the initial days of college or university education, students look for a reliable homework service that offers homework help by connecting them with professional tutors online.

Online tutors are subject experts who can not only assist students with the subject matter but also advise them on how to write the project so that they can get good grades. If you have been struggling with completing your book reports or any other kinds of homework, you can seek help on these websites.

The objective of assigning a book report is to improve your analytical skills along with your writing expertise. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can come up with a strategy that can enable you to write better book reports, which can get you better grades.

Know Your Homework

Before you begin reading the book, go through the instructions given by your professor. All book reports are not the same, so you may not be able to complete all of them in the same way.

Unlike the book reports until high school, the instructions will tell you which aspects of the book you need to examine in your essay. Is it the theme of the book, or are you supposed to analyze one of the characters? Reading the instructions will help you to focus on the essential parts of the book while you read it.

Read the Book

Don’t take shortcuts of watching a video about the book or a movie adaptation. Your professor may anticipate it from students, and you will miss out on essential elements that your professor may look for in the report. Make sure you remember the instructions and take notes according to them as you read along. These notes will prove valuable while writing the homework.

You won’t have to read through the book, again and again, to look for the answers, which will save you time. You can also note the page and paragraph numbers if you think you may need to come back to it. These are some of the common aspects that your professor may look for in the report.

  • The theme or the inner meaning of the book that the author has tried to portray. 
  • The emergence of the characters and their portrayal through the book.
  • The plot of the story and how it evolves gradually from the start till the end.

Write the Book Report

Once you have understood what the professor expects in the homework and you read the book thoroughly, you can start writing the report. The first step to writing the book report is to outline the essay. Outlining will give your essay the required structure. It will also ensure that you don’t miss out on any vital points, such as character personification, theme, plot twists, and essential quotes. 


Like every homework essay, a book report must start with a good introduction that can hook your professor. Make sure that you provide a brief outline of what you are going to talk about in the body of your essay. A good introduction is like a roadmap that will tell the professor about all the points you are going to explain in the report.

It is not compulsory to provide a thesis statement in the introduction, but it is always wise to do so. Book reports in college or university are often lengthy and complex, so a thesis statement can help you focus on the points and outline the discussion that you are going to cover in the essay. 


The body of your essay should present a detailed analysis of the points you are going to cover in the book report. You may need to deduce the author’s point of view and critique it. You can write about the purpose of the characters in the book. 

You can also explain why they got introduced in certain places in the story. Remember that there isn’t a standard book report for any book. Your professor will be interested to see your viewpoint and how you discuss or defend it. Keep the instructions in mind while you were the body of the homework essay. 


Wrapping up the book report is not an easy task either. Remember that the professor is not interested to know whether you liked the book or not. An ideal conclusion must summarise what you have written so far. You can also conclude the essay by talking about what your first impression about the book was, and how that evolved as you read through it. 

You may not realize it, but book reports are meant to teach students a lot of things that are useful in life. They improve a student’s analytical skills, the ability to deduce and to compile their thoughts in an organized way. Getting a book report right can be tricky. If you think that you are not getting the hang of it, don’t hesitate to ask for help. It can help you get better grades for your homework.

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