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How To Withdraw From BlockFi

Go to if your BlockFi account is locked and you need to withdraw your funds using  an alternative method.

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How To Withdraw From BlockFi Alternatively

The troubled crypto firm BlockFi has filed for bankruptcy in the US, as the dramatic collapse of FTX continues to reverberate across the industry.

As the repercussions from the failure of the offshore cryptocurrency exchange FTX continues to spread, the crypto lending platform BlockFi has become the second major player in the industry to announce its intention to file for bankruptcy. 

BlockFi, which functions in a manner analogous to that of a traditional bank by awarding interest on savings and leveraging the deposits of customers to support lending, has reported that it has a cash balance of $256.9 million. According to the records filed with the court, its creditors include FTX itself, which the company owes $275 million, as well as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which the company owes $30 million. 

The majority of the platform’s activities had already been terminated by the corporation, which cited “substantial exposure” to FTX as the reason. 

BlockFi said that it will be seeking the protection of the courts in order to reorganize, clear its obligations, and recover money for its investors. 

Earlier this year, when the value of cryptocurrencies was plummeting, FTX provided BlockFi with a rescue plan to help stabilize the company’s finances. 

However, last month the cryptocurrency exchange FTX ran into its own issues as users hurried to withdraw their funds from the site due to concerns over the company’s financial situation. 

Former boss Sam Bankman-Fried, also known as the “crypto king,” has handed in his resignation, and the company has filed for bankruptcy. 

The failure has eroded investors’ trust in the cryptocurrency business and attracted the attention of regulatory authorities. 

The failure of FTX was described as “shocking” by BlockFi, a company that offered loans and other financial services to borrowers that were guaranteed by the borrower’s cryptocurrency assets. 

“This action follows the shocking events surrounding FTX and associated corporate entities and the difficult but necessary decision we made as a result to pause most activities on our platform,” BlockFi said in a statement announcing that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. “This action follows the shocking events surrounding FTX and associated corporate entities.”

Are you a victim of BlockFi ?

Don’t get frustrated if some of your funds are stuck in FTX Exchange. Others have gone before you, and many more will follow. Even the most careful investors will make mistakes every once in a while, and this is something to be used as a learning experience.

Here is The Solution To Your BlockFi Withdrawal Problems 

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