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How to Win Vouchers and Prizes on Daraz Bangladesh

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Daraz is the leading e-commerce platform in Bangladesh that connects buyers and sellers. Founded in 2012, Daraz offers a wide selection of products across categories like fashion, electronics, home and living, health and beauty etc. The platform regularly runs exciting campaigns and promotions that allow customers to win amazing daraz voucher codes, discounts and prizes.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various ways you can win freebies on Daraz Bangladesh.

Earn Vouchers by Playing Daraz First Games

Daraz First Games (DFG) is an exciting platform on the Daraz app that allows you to play free games and win vouchers in return. With a wide selection of games across genres like action, puzzle, sports etc., it is a fun way to win discounts you can redeem during shopping.

Here is how you can start winning free vouchers on DFG:

Prepare Your Daraz App

First, make sure your Daraz app is updated to the latest version. DFG is available on Android and iOS versions of the app. Clear cache and data before updating the app for better performance. Allow notifications to stay updated about new contests and tournaments.

Select Featured Contests

Open DFG and browse through the list of featured contests. These are tournaments for popular games that allow you to win vouchers. Choose a game genre you are good at to increase your chances of ranking high.

Challenge for Coupons

When you have selected a featured contest, tap on “Challenge for Coupon” option. This will register you for the tournament. Make sure to check the deadline so you can play and submit your score before time runs out.

Let me know if you would like me to expand on this section further. I can provide more details on how DFG works, tips to score high in games, examples of DFG vouchers won etc. Please advise how you would like me to proceed.

Win Prizes through Daraz Campaigns

In addition to DFG vouchers, Daraz runs massive promotional campaigns throughout the year where you can win exciting prizes like smartphones, laptops, TVs, refrigerators and more.

Some of the major campaign events to watch out for include:

Mega Campaigns

  • 11.11 (11th November): The biggest sale event of the year with thousands of deals and prizes
  • 12.12 (12th December): Massive year-end sale with big discounts and giveaways
  • 10.10 (10th October): Exciting early October sale with prizes

Special Occasion Campaigns

  • Eid Campaigns: Win gifts and vouchers during Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha
  • Pohela Boishakh: Chance to win electronics, home appliances and more during Bengali New Year
  • Valentine’s Day: Win couple gifts, romantic getaways and vouchers

Brand Campaigns

  • Exclusive launch offers when popular brands launch on Daraz
  • Giveaways when brands celebrate anniversaries or milestones

To find the latest prize campaigns, go to the Daraz app and check the banners, pop-ups and homepage deals. Also follow Daraz social media pages like Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

Some common examples of prizes offered during campaigns are latest iPhone or Samsung models, Macbooks or Lenovo laptops, smartwatches, DSLR cameras, smart TVs and more.

Redeem Loyalty Points for Rewards

The Daraz loyalty program allows you to earn points for every purchase and engagement on the platform. These points can then be redeemed for exciting rewards including vouchers, lucky draws and more.

Here are some ways you can earn loyalty points:

  • Earn 1 point for every BDT 1 spent on purchases
  • Get 100 points for writing a product review
  • Receive 500 points for referring a friend
  • Collect points for responding to surveys

Once you have accumulated points, you can redeem them in the Loyalty section of your Daraz account. Some of the rewards include:


  • 100 points – BDT 10 voucher
  • 300 points – BDT 50 voucher
  • 500 points – BDT 100 voucher

Lucky Draws

  • 1000 points – 1 lucky draw entry
  • Chance to win prizes like mobile phones, electronics etc

Exclusive Products

  • Points can also be redeemed for special products like t-shirts, mugs, accessories etc

To maximize your points, make more purchases on Daraz, write detailed reviews and refer friends and family. Also take part in surveys and check for special point-earning campaigns.

Get Savings with Daraz Voucher Codes

In addition to winning vouchers through promotions, you can also directly find and apply Daraz voucher codes to get discounts on your purchases.

Here are some ways to find the latest voucher codes:

  • Check the Daraz coupons and deals page – updated regularly with new codes
  • Browse the ‘Vouchers & Coupons’ menu on the Daraz app
  • Look for voucher banners and popups across the site
  • Follow Daraz social media for special discount announcements
  • Go to for latest voucher codes
  • Sign up for the Daraz newsletter to receive promo code alerts

Some common types of Daraz voucher codes include:

Site-Wide Codes

  • These apply to your entire order and can give 10-25% OFF sitewide
  • Examples are WELCOME10, SAVE15, YAY25

Category Codes

  • Get 10-15% OFF on specific categories like electronics, fashion etc.
  • Codes like GADGETS10, STYLE15

Brand Vouchers

  • Brand-specific voucher codes like LENOVO20, NIKE30
  • Give 10-30% OFF on particular brand stores

New User Codes

  • Exclusive discounts like 20% OFF for first-time Daraz shoppers
  • Codes will be like NEWUSER20

To get maximum savings:

  • Look for codes before making a purchase and apply them at checkout
  • Opt for site-wide vouchers that apply to your whole cart
  • Combine multiple voucher codes if possible

Using Daraz voucher codes along with winning vouchers through promotions is a great way to maximize savings on Daraz Bangladesh. Check all the latest codes before your next purchase!


Winning vouchers, discounts and prizes on Daraz Bangladesh is an exciting way to save money on your online shopping.

To summarize, here are some of the top ways to win freebies:

  • Play games on Daraz First Games and score high to win voucher rewards
  • Participate in major sale campaigns like 11.11 and 12.12 to win electronics, appliances and more
  • Redeem loyalty points earned through purchases and engagement for vouchers and lucky draws
  • Check for brand-specific contests and new product launch offers

Be an active Daraz user by browsing regularly, making purchases, writing reviews and referring friends. This increases your visibility and chances of winning.

Create an account if you haven’t already and enable notifications so you never miss any new voucher or prize opportunities on Daraz!

With these tips, you can now start winning more on Daraz Bangladesh and enjoy added savings on your online shopping.

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