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How to Win at Scrabble – Tips and Tricks

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In How to Win at Scrabble, we will give you a few tips on how to score more points and beat your opponent. So if you want to become the next big thing in scrabble, read on!

Scrabble is a renowned board game and famous among many players around the globe. One would think that it’s just about spelling words correctly but there’s much more than meets the eye.

In order to win at scrabble, word unscrambler is a free online tool that helps to cheat all boards and words games. you need strategic thinking skills and an understanding of what every letter can do for you.

To help with this difficult task, we have compiled a list of top tips which will make winning easier for anyone who tries them out:

How to Win at Scrabble? 

  • The more letters in a word, the more points you get. So learn the two-letter and three-letter words. It can boost your game and help you in earning up to 50 points.
  • Using the letter ‘s’, create two words in one attempt. And then, put the “s” at the end of a word. This will make it plural and also create a new word. The board has only four “s” tiles, so you should get 10 points to make your move worth it.
  • Now, time to put the tiles on the right side of your rack that ends in “-er,” “-ed,” or “-ing”. This will make it easy to see which endings you can use. You have also the option to add these endings to existing words to make new ones.
  • New words can be created by using the hooks. If the word ends in “y,” “e,” “r,” or “d” you can add a letter to make it a new word. For example, if you have the word “Lush” you can change it to Blush.”
  • Try to go to the “hot spots” on the board. If you make a triple word square, your score can turn into triple digits.
  • Save the letters from A to I, which are E, I, L, N, and R. These letters make a word called “Starline.” If you don’t want to pick them because there are only seven spaces, you can have them on your rack or if you think there is one more consonant than a vowel for this word then try saving the same number of vowels as consonants.
  • The ‘Q’ letter is a very special letter in the scrabble game. It helps you in earning more points than any other letter. There are only 4 u letters in the game, which means that they are used for other words. The word list from the official Scrabble dictionary has 17 q-without-u words: qabalah, qadi, faqir, mbaqanga, etc. Adding an “s” will make all of these words plural except for two of them.
  • Look out for the bonus tiles. While the letters you have mean a lot in the game of Scrabble, playing them in the proper order and position is even more important. If you use a tool to unscramble words that allows you to select options like “starts with”, “ends with”, or “contains”, you can ensure that you’re playing the trite letters to get those double and triple letter scores.

Keep playing! Everyone who is a great Scrabble player became one through practicing and by expanding their word knowledge.

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