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How to view other people’s stories on Instagram without fear of being discovered


Currently there are many social networking sites available, but at the present time, rapid innovation and new social networking platforms such as Tiktok and Twitter have forced Instagram to improve how users engage with content on the app. Instagram launched two Stories and Reels to make a breakthrough that will further help people express themselves on Instagram through video formats. Many users now regularly update their daily life stories by posting it to Story IG. However, one nagging annoyance with Instagram stories is that the owner of the account will always know who viewed their story. 

Sometimes due to many different reasons, we might prefer keeping our identity anonymous while viewing others IG stories. For that, there are currently many ways to make it possible for you to view Stories on IG without fear of being discovered. But the most useful and safe way that I see a lot of people trust and use is not to watch the Story directly on Instagram but instead use a 3rd party software to be able to view the Story anonymously. Below, we shared 03 methods people often use to view instagram stories:

Method 1: Use SnapInsta


SnapInsta great anonymous IG Story viewer

SnapInsta is the most recommended browser to view IG Stories so that no one will find out you’ve viewed their Story.

  • This web application is completely free and suitable for everyday use.
  • SnapInsta not only helps you view Instagram Story anonymously, but you can also download that Story to your device. Besides watching and downloading IG stories, you can also watch whatever you want on someone’s Instagram account. You just need to copy the user profile of the person you want to see and paste it in the search bar and you can see any photo or video that person has posted and it can be downloaded.
  • SnapInsta supports downloading with HD, MP4 quality, so you don’t have to worry about broken images or videos. 
  • Easy to use and can be used on all models.

All in all, SnapInsta is an awesome tool to view instagram stories anonymously that we can wholeheartedly recommend!

Method 2: StoryViewer


StoryViewer online Story viewer website

StoryViewer is an online web application that supports viewing instagram story without an account while being entirely anonymous.  

  • StoryViewer avoids data being recorded by Instagram, so when you use this browser to view instagram stories, no one will know.
  • Simple to use, you just need to copy a user’s profile or username and paste it into the toolbar, you can see that person’s Story posted without fear of being detected.
  • You can download photos, Videos, Stories and even other people’s highlights secretly in HD quality.
  • StoryViewer is a great browser to be able to monitor the daily lives of many relatives or friends,… People you want to care about but fear they know. So now you can use it every day to keep an eye on the lives of the people you like without fear of being discovered by them.

Method 3: Hiddengram


Hiddengram is a tool for Chrome browser on desktop, it can view Stories anonymously and download limited time updates of Instagram through browser. browsing, very easy to use, just open IG web browser, Hiddengram will automatically start viewing in incognito mode. You can also download Instagram updates and certain timed photos and videos with just one click.You can use it completely free of charge all the time with no usage limit and frequency. 

Finally: Have you tried all the browsers I just mentioned above? You see which browser you enjoy using and bring you the most benefits. You must have known and chosen the browser already. So from now on you don’t have to worry about watching other people’s Stories on Instagram but fear being discovered by others.

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