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How to view Instagram without account: 3 tools to inspect & download content anonymously

Instagram content

In fact, many users don’t realize that Instagram can be viewed even without being registered on the social network. If IG is opened in a browser and you don’t have an account, then most likely Instagram asks you to register. they will be available to you in the blog post and not viewing the history and I.

However, with the help of special anonymous services, for example, an Instagram story viewer, you can open this unique library of content just for viewing and also for downloading content from a desktop and mobile. This will be very useful for you if your work responsibilities include content generation.

Hence, the content you find on Instagram can be applied for reuse, and for converting one form of content into another. For example, you can make posts for social networks from a Live stream or you can turn it into a whole article for a blog on your website. 

Next, I will reveal tricks, or be more precise, special tools that will help you view any open Instagram profile without having an account. Also if some users have blocked you, you will still be able to watch their content. 

3 useful tools to view Instagram without account & keep media 

Instagram content

#1 Instagram web viewer

These services allow you to view any user’s feed without logging in to your account. And in order to do this, you will need just to know the IG nickname or have a link to a profile. These tools are completely free and they work as follows.

Firstly, users need to copy the link or just know the username of the account of their interest. Insert this username or a link to your Instagram profile into the search bar of the service. After that, the service will find the account associated with the link and open all the images for you to view. 

What kind of content can you explore? 

  • All posts in the feed as well as the number of likes and captions. 
  • You will be able to view Highlights, that is, those stories that the user has pinned to the saved. 

If you want to view stories anonymously without an account, then you will need the following service.

#2 Anonymous story viewer

If you need to watch stories and at the same time not appear in the list of those who viewed them on Instagram, then this can be done via these special services. 

It will open any public profile on Instagram and show all the stories that the user uploaded within 24 hours. At the same time, you don’t leave any of your data, don’t enter your nickname and Instagram registration info, you never asked to log in to your Instagram profile. 

This way, viewing the content is implemented anonymously. Also, this way of viewing the stories will allow you to still spy on the content of those users who restricted access:

  • Those who removed you from the list users who can view stories in the privacy settings. 
  • The users who blocked you
  • Users to whom you don’t follow and don’t want them to know that you are watching their content.

#3 Paid stories savers 

The next useful tool will help you to view not only the recently uploaded stories but also the older stories that are no longer available in the app. 

This means that even after users upload a story to Instagram, they will still remain in the memory of this service. And after that, you will be able to view this content in your personal account and it will also be available to you for download. This method and technology allow content managers to monitor several dozen profiles. This is especially convenient if you have to collect and reuse the content in a narrow niche. 

You can select several dozen accounts and arrange a service that will monitor everything and upload it on the server. Do you agree that it is much more convenient than logging into the application every day to check the stories and updates in each of these accounts?

After that, you can simply go to the web service and all the content will be collected for you in a convenient format available for download. If the two previous services are free, then similar aggregators and tools for saving stories will be paid. Since this is more advanced functionality that developers need additional power to create. 

As a result, with the help of these convenient web services, you will be able to use all the content that is published on Instagram without a personal profile. You will also be able to keep your anonymity and download the material for reuse.

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