How to Utilize Online GRE Study Groups for Collaborative Learning

Online GRE Study Groups

GRE preparation can be overwhelming especially when you are sailing this boat alone. Nowadays, when you have the opportunity to connect with the world then why take all the burden alone? Nevertheless, it is your exam and you have to study for it but sharing your journey with other people who are in the same boat can make the expedition easier. It will not only motivate you but also help you in getting answers to your queries throughout the preparation. You no longer have to get a tutor or a guide outside, you can easily access the support team right in your comfort zone. In this guest article, we will discuss some advantages of joining virtual communities and how can you effectively use these online study groups for GRE collaborative learning. 

Join Virtual Communities 

The first step towards collaborative learning is to start joining virtual communities for GRE preparation. Start asking your friends and family for such online platforms. In the UK, there are several such online forums where you can find like-minded people with more or less the same goals of getting into a university for a respective program. It will not only help you solve our queries but also keep you motivated throughout GRE prep. Most of the time, demotivated students ask around, ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class’? because they do not have the intrinsic motivation to even prepare for their exam. Although there are certain Online GRE Class Help services for preparation, you must give your best to prepare for your exam by studying alone as well as in group study. 

Advantages Of Collaborative Learning 

There are many advantages of collaborative learning because learning alone cannot help you reap the numerous benefits. Every person is different in their background, thus, it is always advised to learn in groups. Let’s discuss some of the benefits you can get through group study in a virtual interface. 

Aids In Brainstorming 

One of the key advantages is that you brainstorm well when you are in a group. For instance, if someone gives an idea then another person will link to that idea and this chain will keep on prolonging ultimately helping you brainstorm for logical reasoning. It is because the students are not confined to one region; you can get perspectives from all over the world. 

Round-The-Clock Support System 

In online GRE study Groups, you can have access to like-minded people all day and every day. Someone will always be here for you to help you because virtual groups do not have any time constraints. Thus, finding someone at some odd hour is not at all difficult in virtual groups. 

Enhances Motivation and Productivity 

Motivation is necessary throughout the journey of GRE preparation. When you get to know the problems and difficulties of others it boosts your confidence because you are not sailing alone in this boat. If you start losing motivation, group members can help you stay on track with their advice and suggestions. Enhanced motivation will eventually make you more productive and increase your focus. 

Group Study Increases Accountability 

When you have set a time for a group discussion and you have one topic to cover then it will automatically make you more accountable towards completing that topic timely. Group discussions will also give you clarity of thought and make you more responsible because every member is somehow dependent on each other. 

How To Effectively Use Online GRE Study Groups

Set Group Rules And Regulations 

When you join a virtual group, you will get to know that there are some rules for being in the group. If there are not any, then you set them for everyone else because it will help you stay disciplined. There must be a leader as well who runs the group well, mostly it is the admin of the online group but you can choose as per your choice. 

Share Learning Material 

Another important strategy for effectively using the GRE study groups is to share the learning material. Share your hand-made notes or other learning material and encourage others to do so too. In this manner, all the members can benefit from it and if anyone is doing something wrong, you can always correct them so that they do not commit the same mistake in the actual exam. 

Manage Conflicts 

In an online study group, not everyone has the same mindset, therefore, there will be chances of a conflict. During the discussion, oftentimes, many students cannot be on the same page which can result in a heated argument or keeping a grudge. Hence, there must be a mediator or a calm person to resolve such online group conflicts. 

Constructive Criticism 

To effectively utilise online study groups, constructive criticism is a must. Every member must give valuable feedback to other members so that they can improve themselves before sitting in the real exam. Be a motivator and encourage others to do well. Pinpoint the mistakes in their practice papers and let them know the right approach. Be honest with yourself and others. By helping others, you will also get to clear a lot of your concepts. 

Discuss Your Concerns 

When you have online groups to discuss your concerns then there is a high chance that you will get your answer. If you are stuck or something is bothering you then you can send a text to the group and many different solutions will be there for you. Consequently, it is advised to always discuss minor or major things during preparation in the groups to improve your learning. 


To sum up, there are numerous benefits of online GRE study groups if you utilise them effectively. Collaborative learning is always better than studying alone especially when you are stuck somewhere. Therefore, students hoping to ace their GRE must join virtual communities so that they can get better opportunities to learn from different as well as like-minded aspirants. 

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