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How To Use TikTok Ads For Beginners In 2023


TikTok, introduced in 2016, is the most recent social media network to gain traction and is now ranked sixth in terms of users, thereby enabling them to produce amusing short-form films.

Due to its popularity, many businesses have jumped on board. They are utilizing it to market their products organically and through sponsored advertisements with TikTok lead gen ads, as it features a variety of more user-friendly ad styles.

The most comprehensive instruction for employing TikTok advertisements is provided in this article.

A few examples from the TikTok ad accounts we manage for our clients, as well as information on cost-influencing variables, ad types, how to optimize them, and increasing organic postings.

Nice, huh? Let’s get going.

Why do TikTok Advertisements?

With over one billion active members since September 2021, TikTok has emerged as the most recent social media network to enjoy tremendous development and establish itself as the sixth highest popular social networking site (monthly users).

The ‘For You’ tab, which is customized to each user and powered by an algorithm that takes about one or three sessions to learn what you’re interested in seeing, attracts users to the app.

Because TikTok can precisely predict what each user wants to view, it attracts advertisers because it raises the likelihood of interaction, brand recall, and conversion.

Additionally, because advertising is smoothly incorporated into the feed and appears as organic content (despite having obvious CTAs to increase traffic and transactions), viewers have time to pay attention to them before swiping again.

Minimum TikTok Ads Spending

When using Campaign Budget Optimization, TikTok advertising begins with a recommended minimum spending of $50 for a campaign and a minimum of $20 for each ad set.


Factors Affecting The Cost Of TikTok Ads

After a fair introduction to TikTok and an explanation of how it differs from its main rival, Meta, let’s examine the several aspects that affect how much TikTok advertisements cost:

Ad Goal

Depending on the funnel stage you want to concentrate on and the goal you choose to pursue.

  • Awareness (TOF): Audience Reach 
  • Consideration (MOF): Visitors, app downloads, or video views are taken into account 
  • Conversions(BOF): Prospective Leads Conversions

Method And Costing Of Bidding

TikTok has five alternative ways to bid. 

  • Cost per 1,000 Impressions/Milles (CPM)
  • Cost Per Mille/Thousand Impressions Optimised (CPM) 
  • Price per 1,000 views (CPV) Cost per 1000 views 
  • Cost per Click (CPC) 
  • Optimization with Cost per Click (oCPC)


The audience you’re attempting to reach has an impact on ad cost as well. In the same way that some businesses may be oversaturated with brands, some audiences may likewise be too large.

  • According to gender 
  • Location 
  • Age
  • Behaviors
  • Language 
  • Interests 
  • Kind of connections
  • OS versions

Your Business

The more the CPC and CPM will be, the more brands vying for a given interest, category, or search term. For instance, companies offering financial services will likely pay more for their ads because there is much more competition for certain keywords.

Ad Formats

On TikTok, every ad is a video (obviously), but other display alternatives are available based on how authentic a business wants to appear.


Different TikTok Ads

Ads in-Feed: These advertisements are displayed between organic postings as readers navigate the FYP. They may easily pass for their surroundings, which has advantages and disadvantages.

Advertisers must provide obvious CTAs to encourage consumers to pause the video, watch it, and take action. While consumers are viewing content on the app itself, this format enables advertisers to develop advertising that displays in-between videos, helping them distinguish from other ads that might show before or after the video as its own or both.

Brand Takeover: When users launch the app, Brand Takeover’s advertising appears, so it’s a wonderful choice if you’re trying to raise awareness. Additionally, since they can appear on the FYP, you can obtain fairly excellent value from them. 

To top it all off, customers will only see one brand per category daily because these Brand Takeovers are limited to their particular category. Of course, the price for this sort of advertisement will be the highest.

Branded Hashtag Challenge: This advertisement is a fantastic approach to inspire customers to produce UGC (user-generated content) and increase brand exposure. The key is to design a humorous campaign that engages users and inspires creativity!

Branded Effects: AR Effects, stickers, and branded lenses. With the help of these brand-specific effects, users can create films on TikTok. Although it’s a cute idea, we believe it needs additional supporting effort to get people to utilize them.

TopView: Plan B for “Brand Takeovers” is TopView. TopView ads appear three seconds after users have finished scrolling down the FYP to prevent consumers from being inundated with advertisements as soon as they start the app.

Influencers: Are you aware that 93% of advertisers have employed Influencer Marketing?

Brand partnerships with influencers and creators are a fantastic method to connect with niche audiences to promote a brand or product or increase conversions.

Identified Missions: Recently, TikTok unveiled a new program that enables creators to participate in branded content challenges.  Creators can contribute up to three videos every mission, which can be put up by brands that meet all campaign requirements. The platform’s algorithm will then suggest the best-performing brand-safe films for the brand to enhance as sponsored commercials.

This type of advertisement boosts brand awareness while encouraging community involvement.

Lead Generation Ads: Lead generation ads are specialized digital advertisements that enable you to gather information about potential clients who clicked on an ad you carefully placed on a platform. You can collect specific information, such as Names. Call-in number. Address for email.

Use Tik Tok Advertisements To Advance Your Brand

The TikTok ad platform is a terrific method of reaching your intended audience. It can help you meet your marketing objectives, even though it is still in its infancy and not quite at the same level as Meta’s offering. Integrate lead generation campaigns with CRM for a comprehensive strategy to get the most out of Tiktok Ads for your company’s branding and to attract repeat business.

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