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How to Use Technology to Claim Compensation for Delayed Flights

How to Use Technology to Claim Compensation for Delayed Flights

Fortunately, digital tools and platforms have emerged to streamline and simplify this process, making it easier for passengers to claim what they are rightfully owed. In this article, we will explore how these digital tools and platforms can ease your flight compensation process and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Leveraging Technology for Flight Delay Compensation Claims

Incorporating advanced technology into the process of claiming compensation for flight delays has revolutionized the way passengers assert their rights. From innovative flight compensation tools to user-friendly flight compensation platforms, these technological solutions empower travelers to navigate the compensation process with ease and efficiency.

Before delving into the specification of user-friendly platforms let’s talk about the tools that help passengers to process their compensation claims with ease and efficiently.

Flight Delay Compensation Checker

Flight compensation checker represent an exceptionally user-friendly tool, allowing passengers to assert their rights and determine their eligible compensation amount with just 10 simple steps.

To utilize a compensation checker for your delayed or canceled flight, simply adhere to the following steps:

  1. Begin by entering your flight number into the designated field.
  2. Input the date of your delayed or canceled flight.
  3. If your flight details are not readily available, you can alternatively input your departure and arrival airports and select your flight from the options provided.
  4. Specify the issue you encountered, such as “My flight was delayed,” “My flight was canceled,” “My flight was rerouted,” or “I was denied boarding.”
  5. Update the time of arrival if your flight experiences a delay. The tool typically detects the actual arrival time from its database, but you have the option to manually adjust it if necessary.
  6. Indicate the reason behind the flight disruption and provide detailed information about why your flight was delayed or canceled. It’s important to note that compensation may not be applicable for situations classified as ‘Acts of God’ or ‘Exceptional Circumstances.’
  7. Provide a comprehensive explanation of the reasons for your flight’s delay or any specific events that occurred during the delay.
  8. For a streamlined claims process, furnish your contact details and upload any relevant documents that support your claim.
  9. If other passengers were booked on the same ticket, you have the option to include their information as well before proceeding to assign your claim to ClaimFlights.
  10. Finally, digitally sign the form to authorize ClaimFlights to act on your behalf and advocate for your rights in securing compensation.

Claim Letter Template

Claim Letter Template serves as a structured framework for passengers to formally assert their rights and request compensation for flight delays, cancellations, or other travel disruptions. These templates typically include essential elements such as the passenger’s contact information, flight details, a description of the incident, and the requested compensation amount. By utilizing a claim letter template, passengers can ensure that their communication with the airline is clear, concise, and comprehensive, thereby increasing the likelihood of a favorable resolution to their claim. Additionally, claim letter templates provide a standardized format that simplifies the claims process and helps passengers navigate the complexities of seeking compensation under relevant regulations such as EU Regulation 261/2004.

Leveraging Platforms like Flight Claim Companies

Similar to tools, there are platforms where you can conveniently learn about your rights and claim the compensation you’re entitled to. These platforms are none other than flight claim companies, which provide insights into your rights under EU Regulation 261/2004 and advocate on your behalf to the airline. They strive to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, asserting your rightful entitlements.

Let’s delve into the services of these Flight Claim Companies:

Flight compensation services operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning passengers only pay if their claim is successful. Notable companies in this sector include ClaimFlights, FlightRight, and AirHelp. These companies advocate for passengers, handling their claims and advocating for their rights in the event of flight disruptions. Passengers provide details of their situation to the compensation service, including flight information and the nature of the disruption.

The service then evaluates the eligibility of the claim based on relevant regulations, such as EC 261/2004 in the European Union, and assesses the potential compensation amount. If the claim is valid, the service initiates negotiations with the airline on behalf of the passenger, submitting a formal compensation claim and providing supporting documentation.

Throughout the process, the service advocates for the passenger’s rights under applicable air passenger regulations, ensuring that the airline complies with its legal obligations. The ultimate goal is to secure compensation for the passenger in a timely and efficient manner, either through reaching a settlement with the airline or pursuing legal action if necessary.

Price Comparison of the Claim Companies

As we’ve established, this company operates on a “no win, no fee” basis. In the event of successful compensation, the company will deduct a commission from the compensation amount.

Now, let’s explore the fees associated with these claim companies.

Airhelp Fees

AirHelp imposes a service fee of 35%, inclusive of VAT, and a legal action fee of 15%, inclusive of VAT, if the claim necessitates court presentation. Consequently, AirHelp levies a total of 50% of the flight compensation amount in instances where legal action is required.

Compensation under EU Law Airhelp Fees

(35% service fees + 15% legal action )including VAT Total 50%

Compensation you may receive after Legal Action Compensation you may receive if no legal action is required
€250 €125 €125 €162.50
€400 €200 €200 €260
€600 €300 €300 €390

Flightright Fees

Flightright applies a service fee ranging from 20% to 30% of the successful claim, along with 19% VAT on the total fees. If legal action is necessary, an additional fee of 14% is incurred as a lawyer fee. The commission table illustrates the charges imposed on users who opt for Flightright to handle their delayed or canceled flight claims. Considering the higher range of their pricing model at 30%, we approximate the receivable compensation accordingly. Moreover, assuming the case requires presentation in court, an extra 14% is levied as legal action fees.


Compensation under EU Law Flightright Fees

(30% service fees + 19% VAT ) + 14% legal action Total 49.70%

Compensation you may receive after Legal Action Compensation you may receive if no legal action is required
€250 €124.25 €125.75 €160.75
€400 €198.80 €201.20 €257.20
€600 €298.20 €301.80 €385.80

Claimflights Fees

ClaimFlights applies a fee of 25% on the entire flight compensation amount for non-European customers, with no extra charges for legal proceedings or undisclosed costs. US citizens and individuals of other non-European nationalities are exempt from VAT charges and are only required to pay a final fee of 25% to ClaimFlights.


Compensation under EU Law ClaimFlights Fees

25 % service fees in Total

Compensation you may receive after Legal Action Compensation you may receive if no legal action is required
€250 €62.50 €187.50 €187.50
€400 €100 €300 €300
€600 €150 €450 €450


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