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How to Use Social Media to Improve Brand Awareness

How to Use Social Media to Improve Brand Awareness

Tips for Using Social Media to Improve Your Brand

Social media is not only good for connecting with friends and family but also to build brand awareness.

That is a lot, right? Thus, if you still haven’t used social media to build your brand, then you are literally losing out on a lot.

You can use organic social media strategies to boost brand awareness and reach your target audience.

To understand how you can improve your brand using social media go through this article where we have shared some tips.

7 Tips to Use Social Media and Improve Your Brand

Below are some techniques that you should implement:

Define Your Brand Identity

Before getting right into posting on social media consider defining your brand identity first. Answer questions like, what distinguishes your brand? What goals and values does it stand for?

Make sure that you have the same bio, color scheme, and boilerplates for all your social media handles. With this, you are making it easier for your customers to recognize your brand easily in the industry. People often consider buying from a brand that is authentic and has a strong identity. So, this is an important factor you should not miss out on.

Choose the Right Platforms

Staying on top of all the new and existing social media platforms is quite hard without a proper plan. You can get help from social media marketing platforms like SocialPilot for easier management and disposal of content.

Don’t try to make your business’s presence everywhere. Select the platforms that best align with your business and stay active there. For example, if you have a small business that sells homemade candles, there is no point in having an active LinkedIn account. Instead, your main focus should be on leveraging the Advantages of Instagram and Facebook where you can actually sell your products. However, this also does not mean that you will not have accounts elsewhere. Create accounts on every possible platform to keep them accessible for future use.

Engage With Your Audience Regularly

Let’s say that you are a customer and you dropped a comment on a clothing brand’s post asking for price details. They did not respond to you. How will you feel? Frustrated right? Similarly, your customers might feel the same.

Always make it a point to engage with your customer’s queries and comments regularly. This will make them feel important and noticed as well as build healthy relations. Moreover, building healthy customer relationships is a key factor in enhancing brand loyalty and improving your brand.

Have a Social Media Calendar

Yes, you heard that right! People use social media calendar tools for their businesses as they can significantly help in staying consistent. If you don’t have one, make one today. Staying inconsistent can be the main factor that will hinder your social branding.

Hence, having a proper calendar will help you in understanding and creating content accordingly. You will know in advance when you need to post, what you need to post, and what should be your topic. If you do it properly, trust me, it will increase your brand awareness and build your brand identity in no time.

Use Hashtags in Your Content Strategically

Hashtags are not just used in content because they are trendy and everybody uses them. They are actually a powerful method that can help you reach more people and let people discover your brand. Always research before using any hashtags in your content, because staying relevant is also important.

Only use hashtags that are relevant to that specific post and your brand voice. Hop on to the latest trends and use trending hashtags, this can make your post viral and increase your followers and customers. Additionally, you can also create a branded hashtag to uplift user-generated content and foster a sense of community around your brand.

 Run Contests and Giveaways

Do you want people to like and comment on your posts, share them, and follow you? The best way to do so is by running contests and giveaways. Everyone loves them because they get something out of it in return.

Conducting such campaigns increases brand excitement and increases engagement. You should encourage users to engage in that post by tagging friends, sharing, or liking the content. Both your audience and your brand benefit from it.

In short everyone wins!

Collaborate with Influencers

If anyone has perfected the skill of drawing attention on social media, it is the influencers. Try to collaborate with influencers from your industry. This can give you access to new audiences and will add credibility to your post. Do not randomly ask any influencer to endorse your product as it may not align with your brand value.

Let’s assume that your company sells trendy footwear for kids, and you collaborated with a finance influencer to promote your products. It will be an epic fail because the industry is completely different and customers won’t be able to relate to your post. So, hop on to influencer marketing trends while staying relevant.

To conclude, using social media to improve your brand image is a good decision and you should start right away. If you are looking for budget-friendly marketing techniques then social media can be your best friend. Start socializing and start growing!

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Sankalp Uprit is a digital marketer at SocialPilot who specializes in content strategies. Beyond work, he loves gaming, anime, and reading business books. He’s also a nature enthusiast. In the digital realm and the beauty of nature, he finds his true passions, combining them seamlessly in his journey.

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