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How to Use Photoshop: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Basics

How to Use Photoshop: A Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Basics

Are you fond of graphic designing and like to do something creative? Have you ever tried using Photoshop as it is one of the best tools for showing your innovative skill? If not then you must start using the same because to enhance your skills you have to learn and grab the knowledge as much as you can. Well, if I talk about Photoshop, it is very simple to use and you just have to remember a few things so that you can understand it completely. The simplest way to learn it is to use Adobe for photoshopping the graphicsSo, let’s learn how to use Photoshop elements. 

Though I am not a pro at creative skills this platform has given me so many opportunities to work. The best part was that I was able to create a wonderful project for the business. That is why I can say one thing with confidence. It is one of the best tools to learn Photoshop with a vast library that can help you with editing. 

It will also provide you with the steps so that you can follow them and learn how to become a pro when you use Photoshop. Before you try your skills for it you must explore this guide so that you can learn how to use Photoshop. 

Learning to utilize Photoshop can be a lifetime work. Some multiple devices and capabilities help you to perform functions from light image retouching to full-scale changes into creative, surreal picture art. But getting initiated can be easy only if you know how to start. Follow these basic stages first.

Steps To Understand How to Use Photoshop

Import Images 

The very first step that you need to do is to import the images into Photoshop. Remember this is one of the most essential things because you won’t be able to perform the steps without picking the right photo. For this, you just have to open the command option in the menu and choose the file that you want to add in Photoshop.  

Straighten-Up Your Image

Now, before you go with any other step, you just have to do one simple thing: make the photo straight. Also, you need to ensure that your image isn’t crooked. If your picture is just off-kilter or has a twisted horizon, utilize the Straightening device so that you level things properly. Just sketch a line across the image and the photo will automatically become straight according to the line that you have made. 

Crop Your Image

If any components are distracting on the side of your picture or your design is barely off, crop it using the Crop tool. With this you have to ensure that “Delete Cropped Pixels” in the menu of the crop tool is turned off. With that method, you can consistently modify your crop afterward if you choose to zoom back out. This is another thing that you have to take care of. 

Duplicate Your Picture

Once you are done with the importing of the image you have to duplicate it. For this, you just have to follow simple steps, and that is: go to the picture and select the duplicate option given in the menu. You can create as many copies as you want by clicking on it. The number of duplicates you make will serve an individual layer. Now, here you have to work carefully because working with the layers can be a bit challenging in Adobe Photoshop.

Steps to Transform Images

Do you know the best part of Photoshop? If not then let me tell you. There are endless options in Photoshop that you can use to transform the picture. Various tools can help you to make the adjustments and transform the image. For this, you need to understand them properly.

Get to Know All Your Tools

The tools present in Photoshop apply permanent results to the pixels on the picture. Nevertheless, if you utilize tools on an identical layer, you undo the options and this is one of the best things. Let me give you an example tool like the Spot Healing Brush that can help you cover imperfections or irregularities. You can color a picture by using Brush tools. You can use all of them but for this, you need to explore all the options. 

Understand Your Adjustments

You need to handle the color and style of a picture with the help of Photoshop Adjustment Layers. If you are starting Photoshop for the first time then adjustments can be very useful for you. Adjustments involve modifications to an image or piece of a picture and, commonly speaking they lie in 3 major groups: They change tone, shade, and black-and-white transformation.

Adjust the Color and Lighting 

Along with this, you need to make adjustments and modify different things like vibrance, contrast, hue, and saturation. Shade modifications can help you control the hues of the picture. Just make sure that when you are editing this thing, they should look great. 

Speed Up Your Editing 

Adobe Photoshop steps are a user-built sequence of documented tasks or management that can be played back and also recorded on either single or numerous files. They’re equal to shortcuts in that they allow you to automate assignments.

Save Time Using Shortcuts

Cut out the replay when you are editing the pictures. Record your commands and then just save them. You can perform the activity repeatedly. 

Customize and Share

Actions are effortless to export and import. Make your own or discover actions that allow you to make innovative answers to concerns.

Manage Things with Ease

If you’re using fixing light leaks, color grading, photo effects, and skin retouching, using at volume can be a task. Actions deliver you the devices you require to achieve repetitive tasks fast.

Combine Workflows

The best part is that you can combine all your actions so that you can make a complete workflow. This is one of the great things that will help you edit things fast. 


These are the steps that you can follow so that you can use Adobe Photoshop. I am sure with the help of the tool you will be able to get complete knowledge about how to use Photoshop. Nothing is challenging, you just need to understand how to begin. Once you get to know about this you will be able to edit the photos and transform them. 

So, gear up so that you can try out this tool. This is easy to understand and I am sure you will also find it simple to use. 

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