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How To Use Meditation For Peak Financial Decision-Making And Creativity

How To Use Meditation For Peak Financial Decision-Making And Creativity

Consistent practice of meditation reduces the size of the amygdala. This is something you want to achieve as fast as possible if you want to rule your finances without feeling anxious or losing yourself to fear. 

The amygdala is part of the brain that’s responsible for fear, anxiety, and processing different emotions. 

In this article, you will learn how you can use meditation to make the best financial decisions of your life and reach the peak of your capabilities, taking control of your fears. 

You will also learn two powerful meditation techniques that will make sure you achieve it.

How Fear And Anxiety Affects Your Finances

People in finance talk about taking informed risks and making sound financial decisions. However, no one teaches and tells you what it takes to not get drawn into debt. It’s emotions and fears that can always get in the way, but there’s more that meditation makes you capable of.

Creativity and clarity! 

When there’s a lot of information, you can easily succumb to the fear of missing out. That’s what happens when, suddenly, after a pump in a certain stock, more and more people start investing.

It inevitably inflates the value of that stock more, and a sound group of people who have already made money starts selling. This can again instill fear of losing it all, and people continue to sell at a loss. 

This example of fear and anxiety setting in and affecting decision-making without analyzing the market space can also be applied to business and career, not just stocks.

Let’s learn how you can get an edge over everyone competing for wealth just like you but don’t have access to the tools like you do right now.

2 Meditation Techniques For Financial Clarity And Creativity

These two meditation techniques are perfect for everyone, regardless of the level of their experience with meditation. One technique is directed more inward, and the other can help you center yourself even when the outside environment is chaotic.

Visualization And Affirmations Combined

This is a meditation technique where you close your eyes and direct your attention inwards to help level your mind. This is extremely important for getting the real effects of meditation on the brain. 

Meditations that direct your attention inward exceptionally help enhance creativity, increase focus, and control fear and anxiety.  

When you combine financial goal visualization with powerful affirmations like Enhanced meditation app does, the meditation becomes very effective. 

The alteration in the brain waves from high-alert to slower, more relaxed brain waves, such as theta or alpha, helps the affirmations to sink in more effectively. This can easily help achieve a flow state and enhance creativity and focus.

Mindful Breathing 

This is a very popular meditation technique, but not many people know how to use it while still being actively engaged in life. It gets easier with practice, especially guided mindfulness practice. 

Mindful breathing is not just about focusing on your breath but having control over the rush of emotions. When you are hit by a lot of information and thoughts, it’s easy to get carried away or make panic decisions.

Once you’ve learned to shift your focus to breathing and can focus on the moment, you become a lot more calmer and clearer in the head. 

You can start by using guided mindfulness breathing meditations and improving your ability to quickly shift your focus when needed. This can be extremely helpful for pulling yourself together in difficult situations before making a rash decision.

Many times, certain strains, stresses, burnout, and even achievements can get a hold of your emotions. It’s not just the negative things that impact or impair decision-making. Even the positive aspects, like success, can get in the way of creativity and better financial decision-making. Meditation is something that can really ground you in any situation, and this is what matters the most when it comes to making the best financial decisions.

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